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precice - A coupling library for partitioned multi-physics simulations, including, but not restricted to fluid-structure interaction and conjugate heat transfer simulations

  •    C++

preCICE stands for Precise Code Interaction Coupling Environment. Its main component is a library that can be used by simulation programs to be coupled together in a partitioned way, enabling multi-physics simulations, such as fluid-structure interaction. If you are new to preCICE, please have a look at our documentation and at precice.org. You may also prefer to get and install a binary package for the latest release (master branch).

Monsteer - Interactive Supercomputing Tools and Library

  •    C++

Monsteer is a library for Interactive Supercomputing in the neuroscience domain. Monsteer facilitates the coupling of running simulations (currently NEST) with interactive visualization and analysis applications. Monsteer supports streaming of simulation data to clients (currenty only spikes) as well as control of the simulator from the clients (also kown as computational steering). Monsteer's main components are a C++ library, a MUSIC-based application and Python helpers. The directory examples/nest contains two simple examples using NEST. For each example there is Python script (the simulator code) and a MUSIC configuration file. The music configuration files have instructions on how to run them. The first example, (files minimal.py and nest2music_proxy.music), is a minimal simulation with streaming enabled. The second example (minimal_steered.py and nest2music_proxy_with_steering.music) is an extended version of the first one that adds basic steering support.

DecouplingKit - decoupling between modules in your iOS Project. iOS模块化过程中模块间解耦方案

  •    Objective-C

DecouplingKit, decoupling between modules in your iOS Project. DecouplingKit only one class DKServiceManager, used to load the service list DKService.plist, the service is a business's protocol, there are other business needs to call the method, attributes and so on. DKService.plist includes service and impl, service is protocol, impl is the implementation of the protocol class.

bibliometrix - An R-tool for comprehensive science mapping analysis

  •    R

bibliometrix package provides a set of tools for quantitative research in bibliometrics and scientometrics. Bibliometrics turns the main tool of science, quantitative analysis, on itself. Essentially, bibliometrics is the application of quantitative analysis and statistics to publications such as journal articles and their accompanying citation counts. Quantitative evaluation of publication and citation data is now used in almost all scientific fields to evaluate growth, maturity, leading authors, conceptual and intellectual maps, trends of a scientific community.

tutorials - Various tutorial cases for the coupling library preCICE with real solvers

  •    Python

This repository contains ready-to-run tutorial cases for the coupling library preCICE. The purpose of these cases is not to teach you how to use preCICE from scratch, but to serve as starting points for setting up similar simulation cases, as well as test cases. Read more on our preCICE tutorials documentation section. As a general rule, you can start each participant from inside their <tutorial>/<participant>-<solver> using ./run.sh. Look into these short scripts and copy the parts you need for your new case. Before running again, execute the cleaning scripts you can find at each level, to clean from this point and deeper.

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