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HdrHistogram - A High Dynamic Range (HDR) Histogram

  •    Java

HdrHistogram supports the recording and analyzing sampled data value counts across a configurable integer value range with configurable value precision within the range. Value precision is expressed as the number of significant digits in the value recording, and provides control over value quantization behavior across the value range and the subsequent value resolution at any given level.

LoLHQ - Personal League of Legends Assistant


LoLHQ - Personal League of Legends Assistant Check detailed ELO ratings and statistics of your teammates. Personalize counter-pick lists, view Champions details


  •    Javascript

Easily get social share counts for a url.Get all share counts for url from available providers, counts is an object with the providers as keys and the counts as values.

abacus - A simple node.js module to count, report and plot application metrics.

  •    Javascript

A simple node.js module to count, report, and plot application metrics. You can pass a configuration object directly to abacus on instantiation: new Abacus(config);. See usage example.

orbit-db-counterstore - Counters database for OrbitDB

  •    Javascript

A simple counters database. Useful for example counting events separate from data. Used in orbit-db.