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Rest MVC


Personal project to play around with MVC API

couchcache - A RESTful caching micro-service in Go backed by Couchbase server

  •    Go

A caching service developed in Go. It provides REST APIs to access key-value pairs stored in Couchbase.You may also consider using couchcache as a mocked service when doing TDD.

docs-cb4 - Documentation for Couchbase Server 4.x GA releases

  •    HTML

A guide for contributing to the Couchbase Server Documentation can be found here.All major content within the documentation should be annotated with ID tags to allow linking to specific sections of content within the documentation. These ID tags should match the title of the section, they must use alpha-numeric lower-case characters only and any spaces must be replaced with underscores.

cean-web-chat - Real-time chat with the CEAN stack and Socket.io

  •    Javascript

This is an application that makes use of Couchbase, Express Framework, Angular 2 with TypeScript, and Node.js (CEAN) for real-time chat with the assistance of Socket.io.Messages are sent to and from the Node.js server to the client. Messages are stored in Couchbase to be accessed during the next session.

couchbase-rs - Couchbase Rust SDK

  •    Rust

A fully asynchronous Couchbase Server Rust Client based on libcouchbase.Important: This library is a work in progress and the API is subject to change (and it is not officially supported by Couchbase, Inc. at this point!).


  •    Objective-C

Couchbase Lite plugin for Telerik NativeScript

showfast - Performance dashboard

  •    Go

Couchbase Server performance dashboard.

node-couchnode - Sane Couchbase bucket interface for handling common operations the right way.

  •    Javascript

Sane official Couchbase client wrapper for handling multi key and other common operations the right way.This module is a wrapper for the official client. Documentation of the official module can be found here.

docker-couchbase-server - :circus_tent: Couchbase Server clusters on Docker

  •    Shell

This is a Dockerfile and supporting scripts for running Couchbase Server in a Docker container. Originally a personal research project, this project has been superseded by official Docker related resources described below.

memcachejs - Implementation of a memcache client written in Javascript

  •    Javascript

This is an implementation of the memcache protocol written in javascript. It uses the sockets layer as provided by the node.js “net” module. A simple var Memcache = require('memcachejs') will then be enough to get you started.

lounge - Simple Mongoose-inspired ODM for Couchbase.

  •    Javascript

Simple Mongoose-inspired ODM for Couchbase. Lounge is a simple, somewhat opinionated, Mongoose-inspired ODM for Couchbase. Main goal is to provide modeling tool framework for working with Couchbase databases in an asynchronous environment of Node.js.

Cachalot - Caching rethought – cache a lot in a proper way.

  •    PHP

Cachalot (cache a lot) is an easy to use caching library. It supposed to do the only one thing - return cached callback result.

couchbase-java-importer - This is a pluggable importer for Couchbase

  •    Java

This is a pluggable importer for Couchbase. So far it supports importing documents from a CSV file, a MongoDB or CouchDB instance. At this step you need to choose what kind of import you want to do. Configuration samples are available at the root of the repository.

libcouchbase - libcouchbase ruby FFI with libuv integration

  •    Ruby

The Couchbase 5 Admin Console blows away flags on documents if you edit them in the interface. Flags were being used to store document formats, however these were mainly implemented for compatibility with the defunct official client. Syntax is the same across all runtimes and you can perform multiple operations simultaneously then wait for the results of those operations.

synctos - The Syncmaker. A tool to build comprehensive sync functions for Couchbase Sync Gateway.

  •    Javascript

Synctos: The Syncmaker. A utility to aid with the process of designing well-structured sync functions for Couchbase Sync Gateway. With this utility, you define all your JSON document types in a declarative JavaScript object format that eliminates much of the boilerplate normally required for sync functions with comprehensive validation of document contents and permissions. Not only is it invaluable in protecting the integrity of the documents that are stored in a Sync Gateway database, whenever a document fails validation, sync functions generated with synctos return specific, detailed error messages that make it easy for a client app developer to figure out exactly what went wrong. An included test fixture module also provides a simple framework to write unit tests for generated sync functions.

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