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GMFS Cosmos


This is a file system for Cosmos a OS that was built with C# and we will be implementing this for windows and linux

Quicksilver OS Kit NEXT


Quicksilver OS Kit is for linux. It has a script to install a gcc cross compiler, into any architecture. It also includes some libraries to start an os with.

COSMOS Image Converter


Used to convert .BMP files to code used to draw the image in "COSMOS" (http://cosmos.codeplex.com/)

Cosmos Web Framework By PHP


This is Compact, But Powerful web framework by PHP.

dewitcher Framework

  •    CSharp

A rly cool Framework, made for use with COSMOS. - Console-class that supports colored, horizontal- and vertical- centered text printing - more =P

Envy OS - The Open Source Cosmos OS


Envy OS has returned, we're back and better than ever. A new team, the same leader, the same COSMOS kernel. Now with GLNFS physical filesystem!

Mirus - Open Source Operating System

  •    CSharp

Mirus is an open-source x86 operating system designed for security, flexibility, and optimal easter-egging.

Geis OS


The Geis OS is an operating system based on Cosmos. The Geis OS is very small! It only takes 95KB! You can use it with emulators or you can burn it on a CD and run it on real Hardware! Enjoy it and help to make it better!

coins - Cryptocurrency middleware for Lotion

  •    Javascript

coins is a flexible, powerful framework for building cryptocurrencies on top of Lotion. coins requires node v7.6.0 or higher.

react-native-cosmos - DX tool to test react-native components with defined props/state fixtures.

  •    Javascript

DX tool to test react-native components with defined props/state fixtures. This project brings the "cosmos for React" idea from @skidding into the react-native universe.

fundraiser-cli - CLI tool for participating in Cosmos Fundraiser

  •    Go

You need a recent version of NodeJS. We recommend version 6.10.1 or 7.8.0. Once you have nodejs and npm installed, run the following command to install the cosmos-fundraiser tool. Two modes: online and offline.

voyager - Cosmos Voyager — the user interface for the Cosmos Network. ✨

  •    Javascript

👋 Welcome to Voyager, the official user interface for the Cosmos Network. 💻 Voyager is a desktop application built with Electron. Voyager runs on macOS 10.9+, Windows 7+, and Debian-based Linux distros.

js-tendermint - A JS light client for Tendermint blockchains

  •    Javascript

A light client for Tendermint blockchains which works in Node.js and browsers.

cosmos - Provides an API for the orderly, harmonious, and complete management of DC/OS service packages

  •    Scala

Provides an API for the orderly, harmonious, and complete management of DC/OS service packages. NOTE: You should never run coverage at the same time as one-jar because the produced one-jar will contains scoverage instrumented class files and will fail to run.

cosmos-search - :seedling: The next generation unbiased real-time privacy and user focused code search engine for everyone; Join us at https://discourse

  •    Python

This is the real-time code search engine for all. We aim to revolutionize the way people interact and search for code. This is evident in our on-going work. Cosmos Search is privacy-focussed as we do not store any data. Cosmos Search is one of the most impactful sister projects of Cosmos powered by OpenGenus Foundation.

MCW-Mobile-app-innovation - MCW Mobile app innovation


Contoso Air, founded in 1932, is a leader in the air travel industry, with service to more than 70 different countries/regions around the globe. Contoso is currently modernizing their entire ticketing and operations platform. With its global workforce, there is a need to access data with extremely low latency thus requiring replication across geographical regions. Furthermore, employees are becoming increasingly mobile and digital savvy. They expect to be able to have access to their data in real time from any type of the common mobile platforms; be it UWP, iOS, or Android. Contoso's competitors are smaller and nimbler, and as such, they have been able to transform digitally much faster and provide employees and customers with a better experience. To remain competitive and improve their customer satisfaction ratings, Contoso Air wishes to modernize their baggage handling and tracking process. This includes the introduction of RFID luggage tags, equipping baggage handlers with mobile devices to perform luggage scans, a customer luggage tracking mobile application, and adding IoT enabled RFID antennas and scanners throughout the baggage handling process. Employees and customers alike will be able to track the exact position of a piece of luggage from the time that it leaves its owner's hands to the time that it returns to them at the baggage claim.

irisnet-crypto - JavaScript crypto library supporting IRISnet light client

  •    Javascript

JavaScript crypto library supporting IRISnet light client