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EdgeDeflector - Force Windows 10 to use your preferred web browser instead of Microsoft Edge.

  •    CSharp

You’ll never see EdgeDeflector ever again after installing it. It does its thing transparently in the background and only runs when a link needs to be deflected away from Microsoft Edge. System requirements: Windows 10, and your favorite web browser.

Cortana-Skills-Samples-Build-2017 - This is a collection of Cortana Skills Kit code samples from the Microsoft Build 2017 conference

  •    CSharp

This project contains a collection of Cortana Skills Kit code samples from the Microsoft Build 2017 conference.Here are some additional sessions from the Microsoft Build 2017 conference that are related to creating Cortana skills.

cortana-intelligence-energy-demand-forecasting - Energy industry solutions using the Cortana Intelligence Suite with end-to-end walkthrough


Accurately forecasting spikes in demand for products and services can give a company a competitive advantage. The better the forecasting, the more they can scale as demand increases, and the less they risk holding onto unneeded inventory. Use cases include predicting demand for a product in a retail/online store, forecasting hospital visits, and anticipating power consumption.This solution focuses on demand forecasting within the energy sector. Storing energy is not cost-effective, so utilities and power generators need to forecast future power consumption so that they can efficiently balance the supply with the demand. During peak hours, short supply can result in power outages. Conversely, too much supply can result in waste of resources. Advanced demand forecasting techniques detail hourly demand and peak hours for a particular day, allowing an energy provider to optimize the power generation process. This solution using Cortana Intelligence enables energy companies to quickly introduce powerful forecasting technology into their business.

r-server-loan-chargeoff - Loan ChargeOff Risk Solution Template in Cortana Intelligence Gallery

  •    R

Deploy this solution from the Cortana Intelligence Gallery with SQL Server or HDInsight Spark Cluster.For all documentation, visit the Loan ChargeOff Risk Website.

windows - :paperclip: tweaks & fixes for windows 10 - mostly powershell

  •    PowerShell

Scripts feature ability to disable various Microsoft technologies / services which can be considered to spy or report on users of the Operating System. eg: Telemetry, Problem Steps Recorder, Application Impact Telemetry, Customer Experience Improvement Program, Geolocation, Biometric Information, Browser History ... Cleanup folder features scripts to remove Microsoft OneDrive & move components relating to indexing of information within files (Cortana), reporting & information gathering.

SearchWithMyBrowser - Open Cortana searches with your default browser.

  •    Inno

Since April 28ᵗʰ 2016, Cortana opens searches only in Microsoft Edge to prevent users from using another search engine than Bing. SearchWithMyBrowser is a little utility that associates itself with the microsoft-edge: protocol, used by Cortana to open Edge. After parsing the request to make sure it's a valid URL, it will redirect it to your default browser. You can also get a copy in the GitHub releases section.

AssistantJS - TypeScript framework to build cross-platform voice applications (alexa, google home,

  •    TypeScript

As you can see, AssistantJS supports you in building more varied voice applications per default. Just use our template syntax ({Allright|Okay}) or pass all alternatives in an array. Thanks to our convention over configuration rulesets, we are greeting google assistant users different than alexa users. We could even greet them device-specific thanks to these conventions. Oh, and as you can see, inheriting intents (like the helpGenericIntent above) from other states (here: ApplicationState) is also possible.

search-deflector - A small program that forwards searches from Cortana to your preferred browser and search engine

  •    D

This software allows you to perform faster web searches by just tapping the Windows key, and typing your search. Hit enter, or click one of the results in the right panel. This is faster than opening your browser (if it isn't already), opening a new tab, and clicking the search bar. After a simple setup, you can use any browser (provided it is registered as a protocol handler) and any search engine. If you are having trouble getting either of these to work, send me an email at support@spikespaz.com or create an issue, and I will see what I can do to get your custom settings working.