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PyCNN - Image Processing with Cellular Neural Networks in Python

  •    Python

Cellular Neural Networks (CNN) [wikipedia] [paper] are a parallel computing paradigm that was first proposed in 1988. Cellular neural networks are similar to neural networks, with the difference that communication is allowed only between neighboring units. Image Processing is one of its applications. CNN processors were designed to perform image processing; specifically, the original application of CNN processors was to perform real-time ultra-high frame-rate (>10,000 frame/s) processing unachievable by digital processors. This python library is the implementation of CNN for the application of Image Processing.

F9-Corner-Detection-Library - A faster re-implementation of the FAST-9 algorithm (C++, with C bindings available)

  •    C++

F9 Corner Detection Library is an open source implementation of the FAST-9 corner detection algorithm, which avoids many re-allocations and tries to generally perform better. Note: This code is pretty old, and only kept for reference. A more modern approach would probably involve using the GPU instead of doing everything on the CPU.