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coreui-free-vue-admin-template - CoreUI Vue is free Vue admin template based on Bootstrap 4

  •    Vue

This is Vue.js version of our Bootstrap 4 admin template CoreUI. Why I decided to create CoreUI? Please read this article: Jack of all trades, master of none. Why Boostrap Admin Templates suck.

laravel-coreui-vue - Laravel 5.6 with CoreUI (VueJS Full Starter Template)

  •    Vue

Here's a demo of the CoreUI theme running. If your here, you most likely know what Laravel is and hopefully how to get up and running with it. If not, click here to check the docs on getting up and running. Also Laracasts is a fantastic resource for getting up to speed with everything Laravel from pretty much any version.



Alba based on Bootstrap 4 and offers 5 versions: HTML5, AJAX, AngularJS, Angular2 and React. NOTE: Please remember to STAR this project and FOLLOW my Github to keep you update with this template.

coreui - Free WebApp UI Kit built on top of Bootstrap 4

  •    CSS

Curious why I decided to create CoreUI? Please read this article: Jack of all trades, master of none. Why Bootstrap Admin Templates suck. CoreUI is an Open Source UI Kit built on top of Bootstrap 4. CoreUI is the fastest way to build modern dashboard for any platforms, browser or device. A complete Dashboard and WebApp UI Kit that allows you to quickly build eye-catching, high-quality, high-performance responsive applications using your framework of choice.


  •    Javascript

package.json is configured with "scripts" we can use with npm run while developing the project.


  •    Javascript

@coreui/vue can be used as a module in both CommonJS and ES modular environments. When in non-modular environment, @coreui/vue will register all the components to vue by itself.

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