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musikcube - a cross-platform, terminal-based music player, audio engine, metadata indexer, and server in c++

  •    C++

a cross-platform, terminal-based audio engine, library, player and server written in c++. musikcube compiles and runs easily on windows, macos and linux. it also runs well on a raspberry pi with raspbian, and can be setup as a streaming audio server.

node-speaker - Output PCM audio data to the speakers

  •    Javascript

A Writable stream instance that accepts PCM audio data and outputs it to the speakers. The output is backed by mpg123's audio output modules, which in turn use any number of audio backends commonly found on Operating Systems these days.Here's an example of piping stdin to the speaker, which should be 2 channel, 16-bit audio at 44,100 samples per second (a.k.a CD quality audio).

SFBAudioEngine - A powerful audio playback engine for macOS and iOS

  •    C++

In addition to playback, SFBAudioEngine supports reading and writing of metadata for most supported formats. SFBAudioEngine uses C++11 language and standard library features. For this reason clang must be used to compile SFBAudioEngine and its dependencies, and clang's libc++ must be used as the C++ standard library. Any application using SFBAudioEngine must also be compiled with clang and libc++.

node-osx-audio - A node.js native library that provides access to Mac OS X Audio I/O as streams.

  •    C++

A library that provides access to Mac OS X Audio I/O as streams. Only input is supported so far.Audio captured is Signed 16-bit PCM, Stereo, 44100Hz, in little-endian byte-order. Alternate capture modes will be supported in future versions.

SwiftSimpleGraph - Swift version of creating a simple AUGraph with a synth node

  •    Swift

Swift version of creating a simple AUGraph with a synth node. It shows just the mechanics of setting up the graph.

node_airtunes - node.js AirTunes v2 implementation: stream wirelessly to Apple audio devices.

  •    C

AirTunes is a proprietary audio streaming protocol developed by Apple Inc. It allows wireless streaming of audio between devices. It is used today as the audio-streaming portion of AirPlay. When AirTunes was introduced in 2004, its underlying protocol was called RAOP. It was based on RTSP/RTP and used a TCP transport. It was reverse-engineered in 2004 by Jon Lech Johansen, which opened the way to projects like Shairport.


  •    Swift

If you use different devices for input and output the output can be silence. In such case try to increase or decrease size of the ring buffer. I didn't found how to fix it yet.

superfast - :zap: SuperFast codecs for fre:ac

  •    C

This repository provides multi-threaded MP3, AAC, Opus and Speex codec drivers for use with the fre:ac audio converter. The components use multiple instances of the respective codecs in parallel to provide faster processing on systems with multiple CPU cores. The idea to use multiple codec instances to speed-up audio encoding goes back to 2006 when the LAME MT project tried to build a multi-threaded MP3 encoder. This project picks up the original idea behind LAME MT and takes it to AAC, Opus and Speex encoding in addition to MP3.

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