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grandnode - Free and Open Source Ecommerce Shopping Cart solution based on ASP.NET CORE and MongoDB

  •    CSharp

Thank you for choosing GrandNode! It's an open source, free, cross-platform e-commerce software based on ASP.NET Core 2.2 and MongoDB - NoSQL database. You can run it on Linux, Windows and MacOS easily. GrandNode also supports Docker, so you are able to install it just in a seconds with Docker. It can be used for any kind of online store. GrandNode is a perfect choice for people who want to sell simple products. It's solution dedicated for the most demanding users. You can also create auctions, booking/reservation products or product kits. GrandNode became a mature solution especially for developers who want to develop a modern, functional and high performance e-commerce system.

xNode - Lets you view and edit node graphs inside Unity

  •    CSharp

Thinking of developing a node-based plugin? Then this is for you. You can download it as an archive and unpack to a new unity project, or connect it as git submodule. xNode is super userfriendly, intuitive and will help you reap the benefits of node graphs in no time. With a minimal footprint, it is ideal as a base for custom state machines, dialogue systems, decision makers etc.


  •    CSharp

CM.Core.Library est une bibliothèque programmé en C# qui contient de nombreuses fonctions basique tel que de la cryptographie, manipulation de chaine de caractères, gestion de fichiers...

EntryPoint - Composable CLI Argument Parser for all modern .Net platforms.

  •    CSharp

Follows the IEEE Standard closely, but does include common adblibs such as fully named --option style options.Pull requests and suggestions are welcome, and some small tasks are already in the Issues.

Valit - Valit is dead simple validation for

  •    CSharp

Valit is available on NuGet.Having the validator created, simply invoke Validate() method which will produce the result with all the data.

NSpec - A battle hardened testing framework for C# that's heavily inspired by Mocha and RSpec.

  •    CSharp

NSpec is a BDD (Behavior Driven Development) testing framework of the xSpec (Context/Specification) flavor for .NET. NSpec is intended to drive development by specifying behavior within a declared context or scenario. NSpec is heavily inspired by RSpec and Mocha. See nspec.org for instructions on getting started and documentation.

scaffolder - Database scaffolding tool

  •    CSharp

"Scaffolder" project lets you create extensible data-driven Web applications by inferring at run time the appearance and behavior of data entities from the database schema and deriving UI behavior from it. Scaffolding - this is a way to automatically generate Web pages for each table in the database. Scaffolding lets you create a functional Web site for viewing and editing data based on the schema of the data. You can easily customize scaffolding elements or create new ones to override the default behavior.

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