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sudo - Development repository for sudo cookbook

  •    Ruby

The default recipe configures the /etc/sudoers file. The cookbook also includes a sudo resource to adding and removing individual sudo entries. Use the sudo resource to add or remove individual sudo entries using sudoers.d files.

activemq - Development repository for activemq Chef Cookbook

  •    Ruby

Provides resources for installing Apache ActiveMQ and managing the Apache ActiveMQ service for use in wrapper cookbooks. Installs from tarballs from the Apache.org website by default. The activemq_install resource installs an instance of the Apache ActiveMQ binary direct from Apache's mirror site. As distro packages are not used we can easily deploy per-instance installations and any version available on the Apache archive site can be installed.

aix - Custom resources that are useful on AIX

  •    Ruby

This cookbook contains useful resources for using Chef with AIX systems. Manage the services started by inetd by editing /etc/inetd.conf.

apparmor - Development repository for apparmor Chef Cookbook

  •    Ruby

Default recipe installs and manages AppArmor service, or disables and removes AppArmor depending on default['apparmor']['disable'] attribute. Also includes a custom resource (LWRP) for managing AppArmor policies. This recipe either installs or removes the apparmor package and starts / enables the service depending on the state of default['apparmor']['disable'].

ark - Development repository for Chef Cookbook ark

  •    Ruby

This cookbook provides ark, a resource for managing software archives. It manages the fetch-unpack-configure-build-install process common to installing software from source, or from binary distributions that are not fully fledged OS packages. This cookbook started its life as a modified version of Infochimp's install_from cookbook. It has since been heavily refactored and extended to meet different use cases.

audit - Audit Cookbook for Chef Compliance

  •    Ruby

The audit cookbook allows you to run InSpec profiles as part of a Chef Client run. It downloads configured profiles from various sources like Chef Compliance, Chef Supermarket or Git and reports audit runs to Chef Compliance or Chef Automate. The audit cookbook supports a number of different reporters and fetchers which can be confusing. Please see the supported configurations documentation which has a few copy/paste examples to get you started quickly.

bluepill - Development repository for bluepill Chef Cookbook

  •    Ruby

Installs bluepill Ruby Gem and configures it to manage services. Also includes a LWRP. Bluepill is a pure Ruby service management tool/library, so this cookbook should work on any system. The attributes do set up paths based on FHS locations, see below.

build-essential - Development repository for build-essential Chef Cookbook

  •    Ruby

Installs packages required for compiling C software from source. Use this cookbook if you wish to compile C programs, or install RubyGems with native extensions. Contains a resource, 'build_essential', as as well as a default recipe that simply calls that same resource. Note for Debian platform family: On Debian platform-family systems, it is recommended that apt-get update be run, to ensure that the package cache is updated. It's not in the scope of this cookbook to do that, as it can create a duplicate resource. We recommend using the apt cookbook to do this.

chef-apt-docker - Chef cookbook for setting up Docker apt repository

  •    Ruby

Note: Debian 7 requires the wheezy-backports repository be setup to fully satisfy requirements of the docker packages. This cookbook does not handle that, but you will need to setup that repository if running Debian 7. Note: As of version 2.0 of this cookbook installs docker-ce instead of docker-engine as Docker renamed the free Docker products to Docker Community Edition (CE) in 2017.

chef-ingredient - Primitives for managing Chef products and packages

  •    Ruby

This cookbook also provides primitives for building and managing your Chef infrastructure. It will perform component installation and configuration. It provides no recipes. Instead, wrapper cookbooks should be created using the resources that this cookbook provides.

ubuntu - Development repository for Chef Cookbook ubuntu

  •    Ruby

See attributes/default.rb for default values. Includes the apt default recipe to ensure the package cache is updated and manages the /etc/apt/sources.list for the node's platform code name. The template adds sources for main, restricted, universe and multiverse.

users - Development repository for users Chef cookbook

  •    Ruby

Manages OS users from databags. This cookbook is concerned with the management of OS users and groups from databags. It also manages the distribution of ssh keys to a user's home directory.

vcruntime - Chef cookbook to install and manage Visual C++ runtime

  •    Ruby

Installs Microsoft Visual C++ runtime version 6 (2005), 9 (2008), 10 (2010), 11 (2012), 12 (2013), 14 (2015) or 15 (2017) on Windows. There are individual attributes within the attributes files for the URL, checksum and package name of each Visual C++ runtime major and minor version.

ramda-adjunct - Adjunct is a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part

  •    Javascript

This library is a community maintained extension of Ramda offering a wide variety of useful and commonly used functions built from Ramda. For a full list of functions see the Documentation For The Latest Release.

js-functional - A Cookbook for writing FP in JavaScript using ES6

  •    Javascript

A Cookbook for writing FP in JavaScript using ES6

storm-cookbook - Chef cookbook for storm

  •    Ruby

When you run this cookbook on debian platform, you should run also apt::default recipe before storm recipes. All storm.yaml options are supported through the node['storm']['storm_yaml'] not object. See the attributes/storm_yaml.rb for more details.

chef-ulimit - This is a simple chef cookbook that provides a defintion for managing user_ulimit settings

  •    Ruby

This cookbook provides resources for managing ulimits configuration on nodes. The cookbook also includes a recipe (default.rb) which allows ulimit overrides with the 'su' command on Ubuntu.

chef-consul-template - A Chef cookbook that installs and configures consul-template

  •    Ruby

Installs and configures consul-template. Installs and configures consul-template using the install method specified in node['consul_template']['install_method'].

CookBookMongoDB-CSharp - MongoDB를 C#으로 프로그래밍 하는 방법을 설명한다


MongoDB를 C#으로 프로그래밍 하는 방법을 설명한다

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