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serviceworker-cookbook - It's online. It's offline. It's a Service Worker!

  •    Javascript

A collection of Service Worker use cases, with commented sources and playgrounds.

js-functional - A Cookbook for writing FP in JavaScript using ES6

  •    Javascript

A Cookbook for writing FP in JavaScript using ES6

storm-cookbook - Chef cookbook for storm

  •    Ruby

When you run this cookbook on debian platform, you should run also apt::default recipe before storm recipes. All storm.yaml options are supported through the node['storm']['storm_yaml'] not object. See the attributes/storm_yaml.rb for more details.

CookBookMongoDB-CSharp - MongoDB를 C#으로 프로그래밍 하는 방법을 설명한다


MongoDB를 C#으로 프로그래밍 하는 방법을 설명한다

bucklescript-cookbook - A collection of simple examples showcasing the BuckleScript ecosystem

  •    Javascript

The BuckleScript Cookbook is a collection of simple examples intended to both showcase BuckleScript by example, and to demonstrate good practices for accomplishing common tasks. This has been heavily inspired by the Rust Cookbook.

rcb - Ramda Cookbook

  •    Javascript

Ramda Cookbook implementation. This library is not production ready, but contains workable ideas and concepts. Rcb is no longer maintained and has been assimilated into ramda-adjunct codebase.