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serviceworker-cookbook - It's online. It's offline. It's a Service Worker!

  •    Javascript

A collection of Service Worker use cases, with commented sources and playgrounds.

stat-cookbook - :orange_book: The probability and statistics cookbook

  •    TeX

The probability and statistics cookbook contains a succinct representation of various topics in probability theory and statistics. It provides a comprehensive mathematical reference reduced to its essence, rather than aiming for elaborate explanations. Feel encouraged to extend the cookbook by forking it and submitting pull requests.

yii2-cookbook - Yii 2.0 Community Cookbook

  •    Makefile

This repository hosts an OpenSource book full of tips and tricks about Yii 2.0 PHP framework. Here's the table of contents. We also have a rendered version at readthedocs.

mysql - Development repository for Chef Software mysql cookbook

  •    Ruby

The MySQL Cookbook is a library cookbook that provides resource primitives (LWRPs) for use in recipes. It is designed to be a reference example for creating highly reusable cross-platform cookbooks. This cookbook is concerned with the "MySQL Community Server", particularly those shipped with F/OSS Unix and Linux distributions. It does not address forks or value-added repackaged MySQL distributions like MariaDB or Percona.

aws - Development repository for aws Chef cookbook

  •    Ruby

Also new resources can now assume an STS role, with support for MFA as well. Instructions are below in the relevant section. In order to pass the credentials to the resource, credentials must be available to the node. There are a number of ways to handle this, such as node attributes applied to the node or via Chef roles/environments.

fish-shell-cookbook - Tips and recipes for fish, from shell to plate


This document is a living book of recipes to solve particular programming problems using fish-shell. Whether you are in the mood for mackerel or salmon on the grill, there is always a distinctive and delicious way to prepare any type of fish. Well-known shells are bash, ash, csh, ksh and the popular zsh. All these shells are POSIX, so well-written POSIX-compliant scripts should run without modification in any of them. That's about the only good reason to learn POSIX shell.

chef-client - Development repository for Chef Client cookbook

  •    Ruby

This cookbook is used to configure a system as a Chef Client. See USAGE.

windows - Development repository for Chef Cookbook windows

  •    Ruby

Provides a set of Windows-specific resources to aid in the creation of cookbooks/recipes targeting the Windows platform. As of Chef Client 13.0+ and 13.4+ windows_task and windows_path are now included in the Chef client. windows_task underwent a full rewrite that greatly improved the functionality and idempotency of the resource. We highly recommend using these new resources by upgrading to Chef 13.4 or later. If you are running these more recent Chef releases the windows_task and windows_path resources within chef-client will take precedence over those in this cookbook. In September 2018 we will release a new major version of this cookbook that removes windows_task and windows_path.

cassandra-chef-cookbook - Chef cookbook for Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and DataStax agent

  •    Ruby

This is a Chef cookbook for Apache Cassandra (DataStax Community Edition) as well as DataStax Enterprise. It uses officially released packages and provides an Upstart service script. It has fairly complete support for adjustment of Cassandra configuration parameters using Chef node attributes.

apt - Development repository for apt Chef Cookbook

  •    Ruby

This cookbook includes recipes to execute apt-get update to ensure the local APT package cache is up to date. There are recipes for managing the apt-cacher-ng caching proxy and proxy clients. It also includes a custom resource for pinning packages via /etc/apt/preferences.d. May work with or without modification on other Debian derivatives.

code-cookbook - The Haxe Code Cookbook - A community driven resource website for learning Haxe in practise

  •    Haxe

Sources for the Haxe Code Cookbook site, a community driven resource website for learning Haxe in practise.The repository contains a static website generator, which converts markdown articles into a website. The project is being developed here on GitHub, feel free to contribute Haxe related code snippets and tutorials.

nim-cookbook - Nim Programming Cookbook

  •    Nim

This cookbook is aimed at Nim programmers who have familiarity with the language and want to write programs in it. We, the authors and contributors of this cookbook would like this to be a useful resource for questions like — "How to do X with Nim?". Writing new recipes, enhancing, proofreading, fixing bugs in the code are all a community effort. Please send your recipes, improvements and suggestions. Pull Requests are open.

chef-timezone - Chef timezone cookbook. LWRP for setting timezone.

  •    Ruby

Provides LWRP to manage timezone. Chef version >= 11.16.2 has to be used.

arcgis-cookbook - Chef cookbooks for ArcGIS

  •    Ruby

This repository contains ArcGIS Chef cookbooks used to help simplify and automate ArcGIS installation and configuration using IT automation tool Chef. Sample JSON attribute files for different ArcGIS deployment patterns are available at roles folder.

graylog2-cookbook - Chef recipes to deploy Graylog

  •    Ruby

This Chef cookbook installs and configures the Graylog log management system. It is using the official installation packages provided by Graylog, Inc.. It needs as requirement an installation of Java, Elasticsearch and MongoDB.

elixir - A cookbook to manage an installation of Elixir

  •    Ruby

A cookbook to manage an installation of Elixir. This will install Elixir and Erlang on the node. By default, Elixir and Erlang will be installed from packages. If you want to install from source you can set the node[:elixir][:install_method] attribute.

passenger_apache2 - Development repository for Chef Cookbook passenger_apache2

  •    Ruby

Installs Phusion Passenger Ruby application server for Apache 2. node['passenger']['version'] - Specify the version of passenger to install.

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