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deep-learning-model-convertor - The convertor/conversion of deep learning models for different deep learning frameworks/softwares


Note: This is not one convertor for all frameworks, but a collection of different converters. Because github is an open source platform, I hope we can help each other here, gather everyone's strength. The sheet below is a overview of all convertors in github (not only contain official provided and more are user-self implementations). I just make a little work to collect these convertors. Also, hope everyone can support this project to help more people who're also crazy because of various frameworks.



WS-FileConvertor is a .NET application that converts image files into text readable format. Application also uploads the converted files (Text format)into SharePoint. All image formats are supported including GIF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, etc.

svg2ttf - SVG -> TTF font convertor

  •    Javascript

Converts SVG fonts to TTF format. It was initially written for Fontello, but you can find it useful for your projects. Internal API is similar to FontForge's one. Since primary goal is generating iconic fonts, sources can lack some specific TTF/OTF features, like kerning and so on. Anyway, current code is a good base for development, because it will save you tons of hours to implement correct writing & optimizing TTF tables.

html2texy - Converts HTML to Texy!

  •    PHP

html2texy! is a converter from (X)HTML to the Texy! mark up language. It's implemented as an XSLT template and intended for use from PHP (uses a couple of calls to PHP-specific extensions to XSLT).Texy! is a (yet another) mark up language resembling Markdown, Textila, or reStructuredText.

to - common format converters. xml, json, yaml

  •    Javascript

collection of convertors. Comes with command line options to use the convertors along with a library version that can be used within programs as well.

less-scss-convertor - This npm package will convert all your less files to scss.

  •    Javascript

This npm package will convert all your less files to scss. Go to the folder where you have less files, and run the below command in the terminal.

usvg - An SVG simplification tool.

  •    Rust

usvg (micro SVG) is an SVG simplification tool. Imagine, that you have to extract some data from the SVG file, but your library/framework/language doesn't have a good SVG library. And all you need is paths data.

ttf2eot - Font convertor, TTF to EOT, for node.js

  •    Javascript

ttf2eot converts TTF fonts to EOT format. That can be useful for different webfont generation tools. This is node.js port of ttf2eot.

ttf2woff - Font convertor, TTF to WOFF, for node.js

  •    Javascript

ttf2woff converts TTF fonts to WOFF format. That can be useful for different webfont generation tools. Copyright (c) 2013 Vitaly Puzrin. Released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

wawoff2 - WebAssembly build of Google's woff2

  •    Javascript

Build emscripten latest sources. Pre-built versions generated bad code for some reasons.

lv_font_conv - Converts TTF/WOFF fonts to compact bitmap format

  •    Javascript

node.js v10+ required. Note, runing via npx may take some time until modules installed, be patient.