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Image Resizer GPGPU


Make images smaller, resizing and resampling with incredible performance, scalability and ease with features such as GPGPU processing and distributed computing.

Images-to-PDF - An app to convert images to PDF file!

  •    Java

You can also join the Images To PDF Team on Slack https://imagestopdf.slack.com/ and chat with developers. Use this link to join our slack team.

metalsmith-convert - Convert images with imagemagick (via imagemagick-native).

  •    Javascript

This module uses node-imagemagick-native. You must be able to compile c++ code to install imagemagick-native. The Readme provides instructions for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows respectively. metalsmith-convert requires the src options, if target is not given, files will be converted to the source-format.

thunar-custom-actions - Custom actions for Thunar (or Nautilus) File manager

  •    Shell

The following actions can also be used in nautilus or any other file manager that supports custom actions. I personally prefer thunar because of speed. If any of the actions don't work anymore (especially the upload ones), please report here, so I can fix it.

image2ascii - :foggy: Convert image to ASCII

  •    Go

Image2ASCII is a library that converts images into ASCII images and provides command-line tools for easy use.