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uRequire - The Ultimate JavaScript Module Builder & Automagical Task Runner

  •    CoffeeScript

Docs / wiki / http://uRequire.org mainly are Work In Progress (in transition from v0.6.x) - but everything should work except you'll need npm install urequire-cli -g & npm install urequire locally (if you are using the CLI urequire instead of the the recommended grunt-urequire). Check uRequire's master config / docs for up to date usage. conversion from AMD or CommonJs (or a combination of both) to UMD or combined (<script>, AMD & nodejs compatible) javascript.

grunt-urequire - Grunt wrapper for uRequire

  •    CoffeeScript

Note: You 'll need npm install urequire (version >- 0.7.0) already installed with your project - it comes only as a peerDependency of grunt-urequire. uRequire config objects become grunt tasks as they are.

atom-atomizr - Converts snippets for Atom, Sublime Text, TextMate, and Visual Studio Code

  •    CoffeeScript

Also available for Sublime Text and the command line (see the comparison chart). This plugin works on active views only, so start by opening a Sublime Text completion or an Atom snippet.

noflo-adapters - Packet Format Conversion for NoFlo

  •    CoffeeScript

This package provides various components to convert packets from one format to another in NoFlo. Feel free to contribute new components and graphs! I'll try to incorporate as soon as time allows.

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