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socrates - Socrates is a microframework for building stateful conversational interfaces for Slack in Ruby

  •    Ruby

Socrates is a micro-framework for building stateful conversational interfaces. It provides straight-forward state management, a clear pattern for modeling the states and conversational flow (transitions), and some helpers. It's designed for building conversational Slack bots, but is designed in such a way that other adapters could be written. It ships with a Console adapter for testing locally in the terminal as well as a Memory adapter for use in automated tests.

fsm - A simple interface for a finite-state machine

  •    Go

This package contains a simple interface for a finite-state machine in Go. [A finite-state machine] is an abstract machine that can be in exactly one of a finite number of states at any given time. The FSM can change from one state to another in response to some external inputs; the change from one state to another is called a transition. An FSM is defined by a list of its states, its initial state, and the conditions for each transition.

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