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histogram - Fast multi-dimensional generalized histogram with convenient interface for C++14

  •    C++

Coded with ❤. Powered by the Boost community and the Scikit-HEP Project. Licensed under the Boost Software License. Boost.Histogram is a very fast state-of-the-art multi-dimensional generalised histogram class for the beginner and expert alike.

exceptional - Helpers for Elixir exceptions

  •    Elixir

Exceptional is an Elixir library providing helpers for working with exceptions. It aims to make working with plain old (unwrapped) Elixir values more convenient, and to give full control back to calling functions. The other alternative is to be optimistic returns, generally seen with bang patterns. Ex. doc = File.read! path instead of {:ok, doc} = File.read path". This is more convenient, but will raise, robbing the caller of control without try/catch.

vgm - Vagrant Manager – command-line tool to simplify management of vagrant boxes

  •    Javascript

A little command line tool to manage many vagrant boxes without changing working directory. Where <name-of-the-box> - is any convenient name that you would like to use for your box and <path-to-Vagrantfile-directory> is path to where your Vagrantfile is stored.

archivebot - :floppy_disk: A telegram bot for backing up and collecting all kinds of media.

  •    Python

A handy bot which enables to download files from telegram chats to your server. It features a full backup of all files posted in a chat and a continuous backup of incoming new media. A zip archive can then be created and downloaded from the Telegram chat with a single command at any time.

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