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rancher-cloud-controller-manager - A kubernetes cloud-controller-manager for the rancher cloud

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Rancher Cloud Controller Manager - An external cloud controller manager for running kubernetes in a Rancher cluster.External cloud providers were introduced as an Alpha feature in Kubernetes release 1.6. This repository contains an implementation of external cloud provider for Rancher clusters. An external cloud provider is a kubernetes controller that runs cloud provider-specific loops required for the functioning of kubernetes. These loops were originally a part of the kube-controller-manager, but they were tightly coupling the kube-controller-manager to cloud-provider specific code. In order to free the kubernetes project of this dependency, the cloud-controller-manager was introduced.

digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager - Kubernetes cloud-controller-manager for DigitalOcean (beta)

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digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager is the Kubernetes cloud controller manager implementation for DigitalOcean. Read more about cloud controller managers here. Running digitalocean-cloud-controller-manager allows you to leverage many of the cloud provider features offered by DigitalOcean on your kubernetes clusters. Because of the fast Kubernetes release cycles, CCM (Cloud Controller Manager) will only support the version that is also supported on DigitalOcean Kubernetes product. Any other releases will be not officially supported by us.