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karate - Test Automation Made Simple

  •    Java

Karate is the only open-source tool to combine API test-automation, mocks, performance-testing and even UI automation into a single, unified framework. The BDD syntax popularized by Cucumber is language-neutral, and easy for even non-programmers. Assertions and HTML reports are built-in, and you can run tests in parallel for speed.

pact-jvm - JVM version of Pact

  •    Kotlin

JVM implementation of the consumer driven contract library pact. Define a pact between service consumers and providers, enabling "consumer driven contract" testing.

pact-js - JS version of Pact

  •    TypeScript

Implementation of the consumer driven contract library Pact for Javascript. The Pact family of frameworks provide support for Consumer Driven Contracts testing.

pact_broker - Enables your consumer driven contracts workflow

  •    Ruby

The Pact Broker is an application for sharing for consumer driven contracts and verification results. It is optimised for use with "pacts" (contracts created by the Pact framework), but can be used for any type of contract that can be serialized to JSON. Contract testing is an alternative approach to traditional integration testing that gives you tests that are quicker to execute, and that are more maintainable at scale. One down side of the approach is that the important information that would be available all in one place at the end of an integration test suite execution (that is, the version numbers of all the applications that were tested together, and whether the tests passed or failed) is now spread out across many different builds. The Pact Broker is a tool that brings all this information back together again, and allows you to deploy with safety.

graphql-contract-test - Consumer driven contract testing for GraphQL APIs.

  •    Javascript

Consumer driven contract testing for GraphQL APIs. Where client-schema.graphql contains the schema you expect the server to implement.

pact-consumer-swift - A Swift / ObjeciveC DSL for creating pacts.

  •    Swift

This library provides a Swift / Objective C DSL for creating Consumer Pacts. It provides support for Consumer Driven Contract Testing between dependent systems where the integration is based on HTTP (or message queues for some of the implementations). But why? To test communication boundaries between your app and services. You can view a presentation on how Pact can work in a mobile context here: Yow! Connected 2016 Andrew Spinks - Increasing The Confidence In Your Service Integrations.

mest - 契约测试框架。A TypeScript Contract Test for Interface base project.

  •    TypeScript

© 2018 A Phodal Huang's Idea. This code is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE in this directory.

Gandalf - Shall your HTTP API pass?

  •    Go

At the highest level Gandalf is a tool for contract testing a web API.

crystal-clear - Design by Contract for Crystal

  •    Crystal

Crystal Clear is a small little library with minimal overhead for you who is bad at maintaining the specs for your project. It does this by moving that into be more inline on the project and keep the specs source local. It implements the Design by Contract approach which let's you define what the behaviour for a method, even a whole class, is supposed to be. Most of the code is generated at compile time and you can opt out performance intensive code from the tests. The entire contract framework can be disabled using the -D DISABLE_CONTRACTS flag when compiling. To include Crystal clear you just have to write this to get started.

adhesion-rs - D-inspired contract programming in Rust using macros

  •    Rust

Nifty, right? Check out the docs if you want more detail about this crate and what you can do with it. After the v0.2.0 release, @eternaleye pointed out in this Reddit thread that technically an "invariant" connotes a strong guarantee that must be rigorously maintained between ALL operations in code. This sort of guarantee is NOT provided by the behavior D's invariant block, as demonstrated by the link that @eternaleye provided.

pact-js-mocha - EXPERIMENTAL Mocha Interface for Pact JS (warning: it is not recommended for beginners)

  •    Javascript

Implementation of a Mocha Interface to be used with pact-js. The Pact family of frameworks provide support for Consumer Driven Contracts testing.

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