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slog - Structured, contextual, extensible, composable logging for Rust

  •    Rust

slog is an ecosystem of reusable components for structured, extensible, composable and contextual logging for Rust. The ambition is to be The Logging Library for Rust. slog should accommodate a variety of logging features and requirements. If there is a feature that you need and standard log crate is missing, slog should have it.

hfill - A speculative polyfill to use the h element in HTML

  •    Javascript

hfill lets you use the speculative h element in HTML. The h element would allow web authors to provide contextual headings without specifying an explicit level.

lector - A library for contextual computations in Javascript

  •    Javascript

lector is a library to deal with readers: computations with access to some read-only context. This package is experimental and it is under active development. Expect backward-incompatible changes.

cfmt - :art: Contextual fmt inspired by bootstrap color classes

  •    Go

It provides contextual formatting functions that have nearly identical usage of the fmt package. The ideas were borrowed from bootstrap's contextual color classes. Note: cfmt.Errorf function does not do same things to fmt.Errorf, but to fmt.Printf with red colored text.

streamingbandit - Python application to setup and run streaming (contextual) bandit experiments.

  •    Python

Provides a webserver to quickly setup and evaluate possible solutions to contextual multi-armed bandit (cMAB) problems. Allows user to create new "experiments", each with their own policy, and disclose an API to evaluate the policy in applications.