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contents - Table of contents generator.

Table of contents generator. The code for all of the examples is in the examples folder.


A table of contents, usually headed simply "Contents" and abbreviated informally as TOC, is a list of the parts of a book or document organized in the order in which the parts appear. jQuery-TableOfContents is jquery plugin for table of content. I need an overview table about current page when I write long size document.

move-file - Move a file - Even works across devices

The built-in fs.rename() is just a JavaScript wrapper for the C rename(2) function, which doesn't support moving files across partitions or devices. This module is what you would have expected fs.rename() to be.Returns a Promise.

tocbot - Build a table of contents from headings in an HTML document.

Tocbot builds a table of contents (TOC) from headings in an HTML document. This is useful for documentation websites or long markdown pages because it makes them easier to navigate. This library was inspired by Tocify, the main difference is that Tocbot uses native DOM methods and avoids the jQuery & jQuery UI dependencies. You can use npm to install it or include the script on the page with HTML.

auto-toc.js - :book: minimal 1KB on-the-fly TOC generator for markdown and HTML

Creates a table of contents automatically in your generated markdown or any other HTML page. Of course there are already tools to generate a TOC, but they need to be executed during build time. If you convert markdown to HTML you need a build process anyway, but generation of a TOC might be another build step in your pipeline, if you don't use Jekyll with Kramdown which suports a TOC out of the box.

table-of-contents-preprocessor - Small and simple markdown preprocessor for creating table of contents

This script will help you to do so. It extracts information of titles in a given file and inserts a formatted table of contents in the position, specified by @@TOC@@ line. First, make sure you've got @@TOC@@ token on a separate line in your markdown-file. This is the place the table of contents will be inserted to.