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cdnjs - Free and Open Source Web front-end resource CDN

  •    Javascript

CDNJS is a free and open source project to organize and provide popular front-end web development resources to developers via a fast CDN infrastructure without usage limitations and fees. We want to help individual library/framework developers distribute their projects, and web developers supercharge their websites! With our great free CDN service, developers can focus on their projects and website development. Developers no longer have to spend time worrying about how to set-up a CDN for projects or website assets. We hope to make web development easier, as well as your websites and the WWW faster and safer.

OpenCDN - Content Delivery Network

  •    Perl

OpenCDN aims at the development of an application-level Content Delivery Network, suitable for replication and splitting of live and recorded multimedia content. It uses Relay technology, which splits incoming media packets for each downstream flow. Media distribution is hierarchically arranged among participating Nodes, coordinated by a centralized control unit.

Coral CDN- Content Distribution Network

  •    C++

Coral is a peer-to-peer content distribution network. Sites that run Coral automatically replicate content. Using modern peer-to-peer indexing techniques, CoralCDN will efficiently find a cached object if it exists anywhere in the network.

node-cdn - A Simple NodeJS Module to upload to Amazon S3 (CloudFront CDN)

  •    Javascript

Using a CDN is the single greatest performance boost you can give your Web Application. The cost of using a CDN has decreased greatly in the past few years due to increased competition. What used to cost thousands of dollars (or pounds/euros/yen...) now costs just pennies. The hardest part is getting everything set up ...

asset-cdn - Serve Laravel Assets from a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  •    PHP

This package lets you push, sync, delete and serve assets to/from a CDN of your choice e.g. AWS Cloudfront. It adds helper methods mix_cdn() and asset_cdn(). Also register the service provider: Only required for Laravel <=5.4, for Laravel >=5.5 auto-discovery is enabled.

node-maxcdn - MaxCDN API for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Note: Unit tests have been run agaist latest 4.x and 5.x versions of Node.js. Has alias of maxcdn.delete.