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Weave - Simple, Resilient Multi-host Docker Networking

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Weave is a simple, portable and reliable way to network and manage containers and microservices. It provides a simple and resilient network for your application that is portable across data centers and public clouds. Weave Net creates a virtual network that connects Docker containers across multiple hosts and enables their automatic discovery.

netplugin - Container networking for various use cases

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Getting-started videos are available on YouTube. This will provide you with a minimal experience of uploading the intent and seeing the netplugin system act on it. It will create a network on your host that lives behind an OVS bridge and has its own unique interfaces.

azure-container-networking - Azure Container Networking Plugins for Linux and Windows Containers

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The azure-vnet network plugins connect containers to your Azure VNET, to take advantage of Azure SDN capabilities. The azure-vnet-ipam IPAM plugins provide address management functionality for container IP addresses allocated from Azure VNET address space.Azure VNET plugins are currently available as a public preview.

netshoot - a Docker network troubleshooting swiss-army container

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Purpose: Docker network tshooting can be difficult for network engineers. With proper understanding of how Docker networking works and the right set of tools, you can troubleshoot and resolve these networking issues. The netshoot container has a set of powerful networking tshooting tools that can be used to troubleshoot Docker networking issues.Network Namespaces: Before starting to use this tool, it's important to go over one key topic: Network Namespaces. Network namespaces provide isolation of the system resources associated with networking. Docker uses network and other type of namespaces (pid,mount,user..etc) to create an isolated environment for each container. Everything from interfaces, routes, and IPs is completely isolated within the network namespace of the container.

cf-networking-release - Container Networking for CloudFoundry

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CF Networking provides policy-based container networking for Cloud Foundry. For information about getting started with CF Networking, look at our docs for the supported mode of deploying to AWS, GCP or BOSH-lite.

cni-benchmarks - A simple program to benchmark various container networking (CNI) plugins.

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This is not benchmarking network speed, it is benchmarking the creation, setup and deletion of networks in the network namespace. Running the benchmarks is just done with go. You will need to use sudo since it requires creating network namespaces.

silk-release - Silk - CNI plugin BOSH release for Cloud Foundry

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Silk Release is the Cloud Foundry pluggable container networking solution that is used in conjunction with CF Networking Release. It provides networking via the Silk CNI plugin and enforces policy that is stored in the Policy Server. The components in this release used to be a part of CF Networking Release. To use this release, you may deploy CF Deployment with the provided ops-file.