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Rancher - Complete container management platform

  •    Go

Rancher is an open source project that provides a complete platform for operating Docker in production. It provides infrastructure services such as multi-host networking, global and local load balancing, and volume snapshots. It integrates native Docker management capabilities such as Docker Machine and Docker Swarm. It offers a rich user experience that enables devops admins to operate Docker in production at large scale.

CoreOS- Linux for Massive Server Deployments

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CoreOS is just Linux kernel + systemd. This is not for desktop PCs or Laptops or Tablets. It is meant to run the hundreds of thousands of servers. It is based on Google Chrome, that automatically updates itself every few weeks. It supports built in service discovery and configuration sharing using the Raft distributed consensus algorithm. CoreOS is made for companies building platforms.

blox - Open source tools for building custom schedulers on Amazon ECS

  •    Java

Blox provides open source schedulers optimized for running applications on Amazon ECS. Developers now have greater control over how their applications are deployed across clusters of resources, run and scale in production, and can take advantage of powerful placement capabilities of Amazon ECS. Blox is being delivered as a managed service via the Amazon ECS Console, API and CLIs. Blox v1.0 provides daemon scheduling for Amazon ECS. We will continue to add additional schedulers as part of this project. Blox schedulers are built using AWS primitives, and the Blox designs and code are open source. If you are interested in learning more or collaborating on the designs, please read the design. If you are currently using Blox v0.3, please read the FAQ. This will run the same tests that we run in the Travis CI build.

Flocker - Container data volume manager for your Dockerized application

  •    Python

Flocker is an open-source Container Data Volume Manager for your Dockerized applications. By providing tools for data migrations, Flocker gives ops teams the tools they need to run containerized stateful services like databases in production. Unlike a Docker data volume which is tied to a single server, a Flocker data volume, called a dataset, is portable and can be used with any container, no matter where that container is running.

Podman - A tool for managing OCI containers and pods

  •    Go

Podman (the POD MANager) is a tool for managing containers and images, volumes mounted into those containers, and pods made from groups of containers. Podman is based on libpod, a library for container lifecycle management that is also contained in this repository. The libpod library provides APIs for managing containers, pods, container images, and volumes.

PiCluster - Manage Docker Containers

  •    Javascript

PiCluster is a simple way to manage Docker containers on multiple hosts. Docker Swarm not that good and Kubernetes was too difficult to install currently on ARM. PiCluster will only build and run images from Dockerfile's on the host specified in the config file. This software will work on regular x86 hardware also and is not tied to ARM.

Admiral - Container management solution with an accent on modeling containerized applications and provide placement based on dynamic policy allocation

  •    Java

Admiral™ is a highly scalable and very lightweight Container Management platform for deploying and managing container based applications. It is designed to have a small footprint and boot extremely quickly. Admiral™ is intended to provide automated deployment and lifecycle management of containers.This container management solution can help reduce complexity and achieve advantages including simplified and automated application delivery, optimized resource utilization along with business governance and applying business policies and overall data center integration.

humpback - Quickly build lightweight docker cloud for enterprise user.


Quickly build lightweight docker cloud for enterprise user. Single Mode Single mode, which implements container management for a single group of hosts, providing container creation, container operations, container renaming, container upgrade and cloning, container monitoring, and container log output.

libral - A native Resource Abstraction Layer

  •    C

If you just want to quickly try out libral, you can download a precompiled tarball (GPG signature) that should work on any Linux machine that has glibc 2.12 or later. (It might actually work with glibc 2.8 or later.) If you succeed in that, please let us know.We have reports of the precompiled binaries working on 64-bit Fedora 21-25, RHEL 5-7 (and related distributions like CentOS), Debian 6-9, Ubuntu 10.04-16.10, and SLES 11-12. The binaries will not work on 32-bit and pre-glibc 2.8 systems: RHEL 4, SLES 10, ...

containership - A simple container management platform

  •    Javascript

Absolutely! First install Vagrant, then install our cloud plugin by running cs plugin add cloud. Once installed, run cs cloud create-cluster vagrant --leaders 1 --followers 2 to bring up a local cluster to play around with.Containership will run on any linux host with node & docker (see our installation guide for more details). If you're using open source Containership, use our official setting up your first cluster guide. If you'd like to manage your Containership cluster using our Containership Cloud management product, sign up for an account and follow the official getting started guide.

awesome-rancher - Curated list of Rancher resources


A curated list of awesome Rancher resources inspired by the awesome list. Rancher is an open source software platform that enables organizations to run containers in production. With Rancher, organizations no longer have to build a container services platform from scratch using a distinct set of open source technologies. Rancher supplies the entire software stack needed to manage containers in production.

frameworkcontroller - General-Purpose Kubernetes Pod Controller

  •    Go

FrameworkController is built to orchestrate all kinds of applications on Kubernetes by a single controller. In the open source community, there are so many specialized Kubernetes Pod controllers which are built for a specific kind of application, such as Kubernetes StatefulSet Controller, Kubernetes Job Controller, KubeFlow TFJob Operator. However, no one is built for all kinds of applications and combination of the existing ones still cannot support some kinds of applications. So, we have to learn, use, develop, deploy and maintain so many Pod controllers.

docs - Documentation repo of nebula orchestration system

  •    Python

Nebula was designed from the ground up to answer all of this needs and much more, refer to the documentation if your interested in seeing on how to use it. This repo is the documentation of Nebula container orchestrator, it uses MKDocs to build the readthedocs hosted documentation.

worker-manager - The worker node manager container which manages nebula nodes

  •    Python

Nebula was designed from the ground up to answer all of this needs and much more, refer to the documentation if your interested in seeing on how to use it. This repo is the worker manager component of Nebula container orchestrator, it's what manages individual worker servers in the system.

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