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matchbox - Network boot and provision Container Linux clusters (e.g. etcd3, Kubernetes, more)

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matchbox is a service that matches bare-metal machines (based on labels like MAC, UUID, etc.) to profiles that PXE boot and provision Container Linux clusters. Profiles specify the kernel/initrd, kernel arguments, iPXE config, GRUB config, Container Linux Config, or other configs a machine should use. Matchbox can be installed as a binary, RPM, container image, or deployed on a Kubernetes cluster and it provides an authenticated gRPC API for clients like Terraform.

typhoon - Minimal and free Kubernetes distribution

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Typhoon is a minimal and free Kubernetes distribution. Typhoon distributes upstream Kubernetes, architectural conventions, and cluster addons, much like a GNU/Linux distribution provides the Linux kernel and userspace components.

tectonic-installer - Install a Kubernetes cluster the CoreOS Tectonic Way: HA, self-hosted, RBAC, etcd Operator, and more

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Tectonic is built on pure-upstream Kubernetes but has an opinion on the best way to install and run a Kubernetes cluster. This project helps you install a Kubernetes cluster the "Tectonic Way". It provides good defaults, enables install automation, and is customizable to meet your infrastructure needs.Check the ROADMAP for details on where the project is headed.

container-linux-update-operator - A Kubernetes operator to manage updates of Container Linux by CoreOS

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Container Linux Update Operator is a node reboot controller for Kubernetes running Container Linux images. When a reboot is needed after updating the system via update_engine, the operator will drain the node before rebooting it.Container Linux Update Operator fulfills the same purpose as locksmith, but has better integration with Kubernetes by explicitly marking a node as unschedulable and deleting pods on the node before rebooting.

coreos-developer-docker - Create a Docker Image from the CoreOS Container Linux Developer Image


This repository automatically builds a Docker container of the CoreOS Container Linux Development image. The development image contains a more complete linux including a full compiler toolchain. It allows to modify, extend or build custom binaries, drivers or libraries for Container Linux that are not included in the production image.

modulus - Automatically compile kernel modules for CoreOS Container Linux

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Automatically compile kernel modules for CoreOS Container Linux. Compiling drivers on Container Linux is typically non-trivial because the OS ships without build tools and no obvious way to access the kernel sources. Modulus works by compiling your kernel modules inside of a Container Linux developer container as documented in [1] and used in [2]. Furthermore, because Container Linux updates automatically to keep your machine secure, your kernel modules can easily become out of date. Modulus automatically compiles kernel modules for the new version of Container Linux when your OS is upgrading so that the new modules are available when your machine restarts. Modulus can be used as a Kubernetes daemonset to maintain worker nodes up to date or as a systemd template unit and can be coupled with any script that compiles kernel modules. This project currently supports generating NVIDIA and WireGuard kernel modules, however it can be extended to support any module.

minicon - Minimization of the filesystem for containers

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When you run containers (e.g. in Docker), you usually run a system that has a whole Operating System, documentation, extra packages, etc. and your specific application. The result is that the footprint of the container is bigger than needed. minicon is a general tool to analyze applications and executions of these applications to obtain a filesystem that contains all the dependencies that have been detected. In particular, it can be used to reduce Docker containers. The minicon package includes minidock which will help to reduce Docker containers by hiding the underlying complexity of running minicon inside a Docker container.

tf_kube_ignition - Container Linux ignition config for a kubernetes cluster, in the form of a terraform module

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This terraform module generates ignition configuration for Container Linux to help with the bootstrapping of kubernetes nodes. It requires at least Kubernetes v1.9. The input variables are documented in their description and it's best to refer to variables.tf.

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