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alerts-and-pickers - Advanced usage of UIAlertController and pickers based on it: Telegram, Contacts, Location, PhotoLibrary, Country, Phone Code, Currency, Date

  •    Swift

Advanced usage of native UIAlertController with TextField, TextView, DatePicker, PickerView, TableView, CollectionView and MapView. When setting your own custom UIViewController into UIAlertController keep in mind to set prefferedContentSize.height of the controller otherwise it will no effect. You can not set prefferedContentSize.width.

PhoneNumberKit - A Swift framework for parsing, formatting and validating international phone numbers

  •    Swift

Swift 4.2 framework for parsing, formatting and validating international phone numbers. Inspired by Google's libphonenumber. Migrating from PhoneNumberKit 0.x? See the migration guide.

react-native-contacts - React Native Contacts

  •    Java

To contribute read CONTRIBUTING.md. Ask questions on stackoverflow not the issue tracker.

vdirsyncer - 📇 Synchronize calendars and contacts.

  •    Python

Vdirsyncer is a command-line tool for synchronizing calendars and addressbooks between a variety of servers and the local filesystem. The most popular usecase is to synchronize a server with a local folder and use a set of other programs to change the local events and contacts. Vdirsyncer can then synchronize those changes back to the server. However, vdirsyncer is not limited to synchronizing between clients and servers. It can also be used to synchronize calendars and/or addressbooks between two servers directly.

EasyRecyclerViewSidebar - 🔍 Easy sidebar for Android RecyclerView (。>﹏<。)

  •    Java

EasyRecyclerViewSidebar is a more convenient sidebar index column. Not only can you load text, you can also load pictures.

android-multipicker-library - Android Multipicker Library

  •    Java

Makes it easy and simple to integrate "Attach that file" feature into your android apps. Don't worry about various devices/OS variations.

Contacts Manager for Office Communicator


Centrally manage OCS Contacts and Groups for a single user or for a selected group of users performing these tasks: - Wipe contacts and groups - Create/Delete Contact Groups - Add/Move/Delete Contacts in groups - Exports Contact List to XML templates, - Load Contacts & G...


  •    DotNet

uberBook ist eine Kontakt-Verwaltung für´s Tray. Das Programm syncronisiert sämtliche Kontakte mit dem Internet und sucht automatisch nach Social-Network Profilen Ihrer Kontakte

Synrc Contacts


Synrc Contacts is available to public community Sync engine. Focused on synchronization of contact Information from different sync sources: Windows Contacts, Outlook, NOKIA Phones, GMAIL, Windows Live, Yahoo!. It supports contacts loading and updating from/to sync source.



Import contacts and messages into windows mobile from csv files exported from Nokia PC Suite.

Importing Google Contacts


This project demonstrates how to access contacts from a Google account, and use those contacts in an integration scenario. This example uses C#, and the dotMailer SDK

Facebook Connection Manager

  •    ASPNET

Facebook Application written in Asp.Net. Monitors the list of contacts (for its users), revealing when they or someone they know has lost a contact (e.g. deleted their profile or linkage). Works by storing all the auth tickets, extending them, and using them to regularly poll ...

Easy Share


Folder sharing is an indispensable part of our professional life. 'EasyShare' is a folder share creation, deletion and editing tool with integrated contact management. It allows one to share folders and set permissions with two or three clicks.

Windows Live Contacts for PHP

  •    PHP

Windows Live provides great access with their APIs. Unfortunately, despite a MS-provided library, implementing the APIs in PHP was difficult when trying to import a user's contacts. This code easily imports Hotmail contacts in your PHP app. Just include and call the function.


  •    DotNet

A managed library to work with the Windows Contacts platform introduced in Windows Vista

cordova-plugin-contacts - Mirror of Apache Cordova Plugin contacts

  •    Javascript

This plugin defines a global navigator.contacts object, which provides access to the device contacts database.Although the object is attached to the global scoped navigator, it is not available until after the deviceready event.

node-addressbook - Node.js module providing access to the macOS address book

  •    C++

This repository is part of the source code of Wire. You can find more information at wire.com or by contacting opensource@wire.com.You can find the published source code at github.com/wireapp/wire.

contacts - 📇 Contacts app for Nextcloud

  •    Javascript

A contacts app for Nextcloud. Easily sync contacts from various devices with your Nextcloud and edit them online.In your Nextcloud, simply navigate to »Apps«, choose the category »Organization«, find the Contacts app and enable it. Then open the Contacts app from the app menu.

nylas-nodejs - A NodeJS wrapper for the Nylas REST API for email, contacts, and calendar.

  •    Javascript

Every resource (i.e., messages, events, contacts) is accessed via an instance of Nylas. Before making any requests, be sure to call config and initialize the Nylas instance with your appId and appSecret. Then, call with and pass it your accessToken. The accessToken allows Nylas to make requests for a given account's resources.The Nylas REST API uses server-side (three-legged) OAuth, and the Node.js bindings provide convenience methods that simplify the OAuth process. For more information about authenticating users with Nylas, visit the API docs.

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