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cault - docker compose for consul and vault official images

  •    HCL

Consul and Vault are started together in two separate, but linked, docker containers. Vault is configured to use a consul secret backend.

docker-vault - Docker Container for Hashicorp's Vault

  •    HCL

This Docker Vault container is using Alpine Linux minimal image and Hashicorp's Vault. Vault uses TCP/8200 by default, so we'll keep that. The demo configuration is listening on all interfaces (not just localhost), and using demo.consul.io as per the getting started docs.

terraform-modules - Reusable Terraform modules

  •    HCL

Some reusable Terraform modules. This module sets up a VPC, and a Consul and Nomad cluster to allow you to run applications on.

local-hashicorp-stack - Local Hashicorp Stack for DevOps Development without Hypervisor or Cloud

  •    HCL

HashiCorp tools enable you to build/maintain multi-datacenter systems with ease. However, you usually don't have datacenters to play with. This project builds VirtualBox VMs that you can run Terraform against to play with Nomad, Consul, etc.

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