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nomad-box - Nomad Box - Simple Terraform-powered setup to Azure of clustered Consul, Nomad and Traefik Load Balancer that runs Docker/GoLang/Java workloads

  •    Shell

An opinionated multi-provider multi-region Service Platform to easily and automatically handle development, packaging, testing, deployment and operations of Docker/GoLang/Java and legacy workloads. Should provide frictionless tools to ease in all stages of the application lifecycle. Objective: Example platform designed to leverage the complete Hashicorp Suite of Products (and determine the gaps). Also as a learning exercise to compare/contrast against equivalent Kubernetes/Helm and Docker Swarm setup.

pmm-server - PMM Server

  •    TypeScript

See the PMM docs for more information. If you find a bug in Percona Monitoring and Management Server or one of the related projects, you should submit a report to that project's JIRA issue tracker.