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daggy - Library for creating tagged constructors.

  •    Javascript

Library for creating tagged constructors a.k.a. "disjoint union types" or "sum types". Returns Type Representative containing constructors of for each key in constructors as a property. Allows {TypeRep}.is and {TypeRep}.{Tag}.is checks for values created by constructors.

oo - Base library for OO style programming

  •    Javascript

A powerful Javascript Class Factory (Object oriented)

whoops - It makes simple create qualified errors.

  •    Javascript

It makes simple throw qualified errors. Inspired in errno, create-error-class and fault. This library is a compromise to provide a clean API for use Error native class.

newless - Modify JS constructor functions to be callable without `new`.

  •    Javascript

Newless is a super-simple JavaScript library that allows you to modify or create constructor functions that don't need to be called with new. This makes your code more safe and allows constructors to be used in more functional contexts (such as Array.map). When an ES 2015 class is wrapped with Newless, you should be somewhat careful in trying to call it with a custom context via Class.call(customContext) or Class.apply(customContext). Because of limitations imposed by the class syntax, calling a Newless ES 2015 class will always return a new object. If the custom context you provide is one that includes the Newless class anywhere in its prototype chain, the returned object will have the exact same prototype chain as the custom context, but it will be separate object.

cake-pattern - Examples of cake pattern in scala for injecting singleton and non-singleton dependencies

  •    Scala

As a long term user of Guice for injecting class dependencies into constructors I was curious as to how the cake pattern in Scala worked. I read Jonas Boner's blog article and followed it but thought the example could have been clearer and the method described a bit more succintly for the impatient reader like myself.

Cation - A fast and customizable Dependency Injection Container for Node.js / io.js

  •    Javascript

Cation is a powerful Dependency Injection Container (DIC). The first version was released in 2011-2012 as an unstable/experimental library and was inspired by the Symfony 2 container. It only allowed a JSON schema to register a service (yeah, it was an ugly experiment). There were no Factories, no Decorators. Just "Services". This is probably one of those things you are doing a lot, creating new objects. I'm going to reuse the Atom example from the top of this file and explain with simple words what happens when you use Cation.

fusing - Simple prototype fusing to create base classes for BigPipe

  •    Javascript

The --save tells npm to automatically save this dependency in your package.json. The module is required just like any other module you use. It exposes a single function that takes care of all the merging.

Construction - :construction_worker: The many ways to construct and configure your entity

  •    Swift

We would love you to contribute to Construction, check the CONTRIBUTING file for more info. Construction is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

gopherkon - Go mascot image constructor. Create your cute own gopher.

  •    TypeScript

Create Go gophers and use them as you like. There is a good chance that the amount of assets available will increase over time.

strum - Make a stream out of almost anything

  •    Javascript

It understands promises! any data source that returns a promise will be handled smartly, such that: if it resolves, the resolved value is emitted (rather than the promise itself), and if it is rejected, an error event is emitted with the rejected value. _streamOptions is an optional object that will be passed to the stream constructor.

canvasConstructor - A ES6 function for node-canvas with built-in functions and chained methods.

  •    Javascript

A ES6 function for node-canvas with built-in functions and chained methods. Please check node-canvas readme for the installation. You must have Canvas installed and working before using this package.

felicity - Javascript object constructors and sample data based on Joi schema.

  •    Javascript

fe·lic·i·ty noun intense happiness; the ability to find appropriate expression for one's thoughts or intentions. Felicity provides object instances, or expressions, of the data intentions represented by Joi schema.

html-class - Constructor name to nodeName or tagName and vice-versa

  •    Javascript

A basic utility to retrieve DOM nodes names from their constructors and vice-versa. Right now this module has two methods: htmlClass.get(...) and htmlClass.set(...).

unherit - Clone a constructor without affecting the super-class

  •    Javascript

Create a custom constructor which can be modified without affecting the original class. This package is ESM only: Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.

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