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pegaswitch - PegaSwitch is an exploit toolkit for the Nintendo Switch

  •    Javascript

It should no longer be necessary to run usefulscripts/SetupNew.js, since PegaSwitch will now do it automatically. API documentation for SploitCore is automatically generated using jsdoc comments.

pterm - ✨ #PTerm is a modern go module to beautify console output

  •    Go

PTerm is designed to create a platform independent way to create beautiful terminal output. Most modules that want to improve the terminal output do not guarantee platform independence - PTerm does. PTerm follows the most common methods for displaying color in a terminal. With PTerm, it is possible to create beautiful output even in low-level environments. Our first priority is to keep PTerm as easy to use as possible. With many examples for each individual component, getting started with PTerm is extremely easy. All components are similar in design and implement interfaces to simplify mixing individual components together.

CircuitBreaker - Nintendo Switch hacking toolkit

  •    Javascript

This is Circuit Breaker, a Nintendo Switch hacking toolkit. It is heavily based upon the PegaSwitch toolkit and the ReSwitched team deserves a huge amount of credit for their work, without which this project would be impossible. Make sure you have all the ruby gems installed. Installing ruby and bundler are outside of the scope of this document.

defcon - A developer console for games written using the Defold game engine

  •    Lua

This is a Defold developer console. The console allows you to interact with a running game (locally or on device) through a browser. Or point to the ZIP file of a specific DefCon release.

cmdr - getopt/getopt_long like command-line UI (CLI) golang library. A replacement for go flag

  •    Go

cmdr is a POSIX/GNU style, command-line UI (CLI) Go library. It is a getopt-like parser of command-line options, be compatible with the getopt_long command line UI, which is an extension of the syntax recommended by POSIX. See also Examples, and cmdr-http2 (a http2 server with daemon supports, graceful shutdown).

go-asciisprite - Simple ASCII/Unicode Sprite Library for Golang

  •    Go

What is a sprite? A sprite is a two-dimensional object which you can use in videogames and animations.

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