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mm-wiki - MM-Wiki 一个轻量级的企业知识分享与团队协同软件,可用于快速构建企业 Wiki 和团队知识分享平台。部署方便,使用简单,帮助团队构建一个信息共享、文档管理的协作环境。

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MM-Wiki 一个轻量级的企业知识分享与团队协同软件,可用于快速构建企业 Wiki 和团队知识分享平台。部署方便,使用简单,帮助团队构建一个信息共享、文档管理的协作环境。

Documize Community - Modern Confluence alternative designed for internal & external docs, built with Golang + EmberJS

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Documize Community is an open source modern, lightweight alternative to Confluence. It is built for technical and non-technical users, Designed to unify both customer-facing and internal documentation. It supports Organization through labels, spaces and categories.

docker-rancher-extra-catalogs - maintained rancher catalogs like jira, confluence, openldap, nexus

  •    Smarty

Nothing really special, just some public catalog files i use and have to share. Partially, some have been forked from the community library, in most cases due to version updates or similar. In those all the credits for the hard work shall go to the initial authors. Copyright (c) 2014-2016 Rancher Labs, Inc.

confluencer - :wrench: A CLI tool to automate common Confluence maintenance tasks and content publishing

  •    Python

A CLI tool to automate common Confluence maintenance tasks and content publishing. The confluencer command line tool (or cfr for short) allows you to control your Confluence installation from a shell prompt, and thus automate (mass) content changes and reports.

confluence-dumper - Tool to export Confluence spaces and pages recursively via its API

  •    Python

Please personalize the settings.py on your own according to your confluence instance.

miniseminar - Confluence as a backend -> Express -> reveal.js as a presentation -> Profit!

  •    Javascript

Open your preferred browser and type localhost:3000/page/:your-confluence-page-id. The page id should be a number. You can override configs with environment variables.

devops-compose - DevOps tools on Docker Compose

  •    Shell

Create the following stack. Create a PostgreSQL instance. It is recommended to use managed services such as Amazon RDS or Google Cloud SQL for maintenancebility reason. MySQL is available and works as well but PostgreSQL is recommended for JIRA.

node-atlassian-confluence - Node.js library to interact with Atlassian Confluence

  •    CoffeeScript

Refer to https://docs.atlassian.com/atlassian-confluence/REST/latest for additional documentation.

doktor - Jenkins plugin for automated documentation uploading to Confluence.

  •    Kotlin

Doktor is a Jenkins plugin for automated documentation uploading to Confluence. Doktor supports Markdown and AsciiDoc. Markdown support is provided by awesome flexmark-java library. AsciiDoc is supported thanks to AsciidoctorJ. Please note that AsciiDoc support is very experimental.

confluence-python-lib - A python library wrapping the Confluence REST API

  •    Python

See the Contribution guidelines for this project for details on how to make changes to this library.

ConfluencePS - Confluence REST API (including Cloud) via PowerShell

  •    PowerShell

Automate your documentation! ConfluencePS is a PowerShell module that interacts with Atlassian's Confluence wiki product. ConfluencePS communicates with Atlassian's actively supported REST API via basic authentication. The REST implementation is the only way to interact with their cloud-hosted instances via API, and will eventually be the only way to interact with server installations.

devops-kompose - DevOps tools on Kubernetes with Helm charts

  •    Smarty

Create .env with your environment values. Note that .env is added to .gitignore by default but you can remove it. Load the environment values.

os-confluence - Библиотека на языке oscript предоставляющая функционал для взаимодействия с confluence

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Все методы модуля требуют параметры подключения к сервереу confluence: Адрес и учетные данные. Подключение = Confluence.ОписаниеПодключения("https://confluence.myserver.ru", "user", "password").

conflr - Post R Markdown documents to Confluence

  •    R

conflr is an R package to post R Markdown documents to Confluence, a content collaboration tool by Atlassian. You can install conflr from GitHub.

ods-core - The core of OpenDevStack - infrastructure setup based on Atlassian tooling, Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube and shared images, e

  •    Shell

OpenDevStack (ODS) Core houses the all the central infrastructure components. All the contained components except Atlassian tools are built in the Openshift central CD namespace.

adam - Addon which enhances all user profiles of confluence

  •    Java

Addon which enhances all user profiles of confluence. It also adds an advanced people directory. The whole addon is configurable by means of an XML, can be localized, supports Velocity templates and supports view and edit restrictions.

confluence - Sous Chefs confluence Cookbook

  •    Ruby

Installs/Configures an instance of Atlassian Confluence. The Atlassian Confluence Linux installer will automatically configure a bundled JRE.

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