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jquery.confirm - [Unmaintained] Confirm dialogs for buttons and links using jQuery and Bootstrap

  •    Javascript

Confirm dialogs for buttons and links. If you use Bootstrap 2, you can use any 1.x version. From 2.0 and onwards, Bootstrap 3 is required.


  •    JQuery

A super simple dialog library for those who were fed up with the complex source code

darktooltip - Simple customizable tooltip with confirm option and 3d effects

  •    JQuery

Simple customizable tooltip with confirm option and 3d effects


  •    JQuery

Jeegoopopup is a flexible lightweight jquery popup plugin primarily designed to be used in applications.

angular-ui-view-spinner - A declarative way to display loading spinners in angular

  •    Javascript

A declarative, powerful drop-in addition to UI Router, enabling spinners to be shown when executing resolves before the route change is complete.Motivation: Global spinners suck, UX and humans desire to know what part of the screen is loading. UI Router gives us the hooks we need and this directive is the easiest drop-in replacement to complicated per-view or global loading indicators.

vue-msgbox - A message box (like Sweet Alert) for vue.js.

  •    Javascript

vue-msgbox is a message box (like Sweet Alert) for vue.js.Get source from npm.

co-prompt - sane terminal user-input for node.js using thunks / generators

  •    Javascript

Sane terminal user-input for nodejs that return thunks for co.Prompt for user input with msg.

jquery-alertable - Minimal alert and confirmation alternatives.

  •    Javascript

This plugin provides a minimal, lightweight, and customizable alternative to window.alert(), window.confirm(), and window.prompt(). It's flexible enough to mold to your application's existing stylesheet and markup.A local demo can be found in example.html.

confirmation-popover - Confirmation Popover for inline confirmations

  •    Javascript

Popover confirmation component built on top of Popover. Live demo is here.

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