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SharePoint Cross-site Configurator


SharePoint Cross-site Configurator ! {project:description} Microsoft has developed a set of code samples designed to significantly reduce the time and effort required to configure large, cross-site SharePoint deployments. This set of code samples is the SharePoint Cross-Site ...

env-dot-prop - ♻️ Get, set, or delete nested properties of process.env using a dot path

  •    Javascript

This package aim to let you access to your environment variables as if they were JavaScript object. See this guide to understand how to use this package to create a 12 Factor compliant configuration system for you app.Returns the values of env keys at the path specified.

elm-bike-configurator - 🚴🏻 Pretty simple app for configuring a bike with colored components, written in Elm

  •    Elm

Pretty simple app for configuring a bike with colored components, written in Elm. This is my public playground for exploring Elm and trying to grow this app by learning more about the programming language. I'll try to make the commits as meaningful as possible, so you can follow along.

pulpo - Configuration mechanism for Node

  •    TypeScript

Define, hydrate, and validate configurations in Node. A schema is comprised of keyed properties that are used to parse and validate configurations pulled from JSON objects, environmental variables, and command line arguments.

uwsgiconf - Configure uWSGI from your Python code

  •    Python

Work in progress. Stay tuned. If you think you know uWSGI you're probably wrong. It is always more than you think it is. There are so many subsystems and options (800+) it is difficult to even try to wrap your mind around.

krakendesigner - KrakenD configuration editor.

  •    HTML

A visual editor for the KrakenD configuration file. An application made with AngularJS to visually create the krakend.json file.

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