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QConf - Qihoo Distributed Configuration Management System

  •    C++

We have build another interesting proect pika. Pika is a nosql compatible with redis protocol with huge storage space. You can have a try.QConf is a Distributed Configuration Management System! A better replacement of the traditional configuration file. As designed, configuration items which is constantly accessed and modified should be completely separated with application code, and QConf is where it should be.

ini-parser - Read/Write an INI file the easy way!

  •    CSharp

A .NET, Mono and Unity3d compatible(*) library for reading/writing INI data from IO streams, file streams, and strings written in C#. Also implements merging operations, both for complete ini files, sections, or even just a subset of the keys contained by the files.

bepo_developpeur - Quelques modifications de la disposition clavier Bépo pour la rendre plus adaptée à mon usage


Fichier xkb et keylayout de la disposition Bépo modifié pour « optimiser » mon usage du Bépo dans le cadre de mon activité le développement. Déplacer les fichier .keylayout dans le dossier /Library/Keyboard Layouts/. Déposer dans la disposition dans le dossier global permet de l'avoir des l'écran de login, ainsi que dans les champs de saisie de mot de passe.

ConsulStructure - A no-frills lib to keep your consul config up to date

  •    CSharp

Consul is, amongst other things, a distributed key/value store, so it can store any bit of data to a specified key, which is just a string. Little bits of string are pretty useful for configuration data. There are manny ways to get that data in your configuration. But sometimes you just want very simple configuration that doesn't suck, without bringing in a whole set of packages for it, so you can hit go as quickly as possible.

FiNeR - Fortran INI ParseR and generator

  •    Fortran

Modern Fortran standards (2003+) have introduced better support for strings manipulations. Exploiting such new Fortran capabilities, FiNeR provides an easy to use module library for input (parsing) and output (generating) INI (config) files. Any feature request is welcome.

configmanager - Forget about configparser, YAML, or JSON parsers. Focus on configuration.

  •    Python

Don't let standard library's configparser drive your configuration value access design. Let it do what it does best -- parse and write configuration files. And let configmanager do the rest. Install from Python Package index with pip install configmanager.

conf - Go package for loading program configuration from multiple sources.

  •    Go

Go package for loading program configuration from multiple sources. Loading the configuration has to be type-safe, there were other packages available that were covering the same use-cases but they often required doing type assertions on the configuration values which is always an opportunity to get the program to panic.

initool - Manipulate INI files from the command line

  •    Standard

Initool lets you manipulate the contents of INI files from the command line. It is a rewrite of an earlier program by the same developer called "iniparse". Rather than modify INI files in place like iniparse, however, it prints the modified contents to the standard output. When given a valid command, initool first reads the INI file filename in its entirety. For the commands g, d, and s it then prints to the standard output the file's contents with the desired changes. For e it reports whether the section or the property exists through its exit status.

koanf - Light weight, extensible library for reading config in Go applications

  •    Go

koanf (pronounced conf; a play on the Japanese Koan) is a library for reading configuration from different sources in different formats in Go applications. It is a cleaner, lighter alternative to spf13/viper with better abstractions and extensibility and fewer dependencies. koanf comes with built in support for reading configuration from files, command line flags, and environment variables, and can parse JSON, YAML, TOML, and Hashicorp HCL.

libconfini - Yet another INI parser

  •    C

libconfini is the ultimate and most consistent INI file parser library written in C. It focuses on standardization and parsing exactness and is at ease with almost every type of file containing key/value pairs. The library is fast and suitable for embedded systems. Its algorithms are written from scratch and do not depend on any external library, except for the C standard headers stdio.h, stdlib.h and stdint.h.


  •    Python

OpenVPN-Config-Generator is made to help automate the process of creating OpenVPN configurations. You can use one of the pre-built templates if your new to OpenVPN or you can build your own template to fit your needs.

nim-toml-serialization - Flexible TOML serialization [not] relying on run-time type information.

  •    Nim

Flexible TOML serialization [not] relying on run-time type information. TOML key supports Unicode chars but the comparison mentioned above only applied to ASCII chars.

teeny-conf - A small npm package to handle config files in Node apps

  •    TypeScript

A small npm package to handle one or multiple config files in Node apps. Works well with Electron and NW.js. All I/O operations are synchronous and write operation are atomic to avoid files corruption.

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