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server-configs-apache - Apache HTTP server boilerplate configs

  •    Javascript

Apache Server Configs is a collection of boilerplate configurations that can help your server improve the web site's performance and security, while also ensuring that resources are served with the correct content-type and are accessible, if needed, even cross-domain. Inside the dist/ folder, you'll find a ready-to-use .htaccess file.

dotfiles - custom linux config files - managed via gnu stow

  •    Shell

in the unix world programs are commonly configured in two different ways, via shell arguments or text based configuration files. programs with many options like window managers or text editors are configured on a per-user basis with files in your home directory ~. in unix like operating systems any file or directory name that starts with a period or full stop character is considered hidden, and in a default view will not be displayed. thus the name dotfiles. "you are your dotfiles".

ron - Rusty Object Notation

  •    Rust

RON is a simple readable data serialization format that looks similar to Rust syntax. It's designed to support all of Serde's data model, so structs, enums, tuples, arrays, generic maps, and primitive values. The new format uses (..) brackets for heterogeneous structures (classes), while preserving the {..} for maps, and [..] for homogeneous structures (arrays). This distinction allows us to solve the biggest problem with JSON.

env-dot-prop - ♻️ Get, set, or delete nested properties of process.env using a dot path

  •    Javascript

This package aim to let you access to your environment variables as if they were JavaScript object. See this guide to understand how to use this package to create a 12 Factor compliant configuration system for you app.Returns the values of env keys at the path specified.

configs - My configuration files

  •    Nix

These are the configuration files I actively use. You can install them via GNU stow. The shell script install invokes stow in the desired manner and installs it using nix-shell.

configmanager - Forget about configparser, YAML, or JSON parsers. Focus on configuration.

  •    Python

Don't let standard library's configparser drive your configuration value access design. Let it do what it does best -- parse and write configuration files. And let configmanager do the rest. Install from Python Package index with pip install configmanager.

.dots - :computer: All of my dotfiles.

  •    Perl

All of my dotfiles, managed with GNU Stow. Here's what you'll need...

Unitial - 🖥 My rc / configs / dotfiles 📂

  •    Shell

Not fully tested but should work on FreeBSD, most of Linux distros and macOS. Feel free to fork, send pull request and feedback, but do not erase author info please.