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Stlab Libraries - C++ Concurrency Library

Stlab Concurrency library provides high level constructs for implementing algorithms that eases the use of multiple CPU cores while minimizing the contention.

continuable - C++14 asynchronous allocation aware futures (supporting then, exception handling, coroutines and connections)

Issue reports are accepted through the Github issue tracker as well as Pull requests. Every contribution is welcome! Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need any support in improving the implementation or if you have any troubles in using the library.

SPSCQueue - A bounded single-producer single-consumer wait-free and lock-free queue written in C++11

A single producer single consumer wait-free and lock-free fixed size queue written in C++11. Create a SPSCqueue holding items of type T with capacity capacity. Capacity need to be greater than 2.

co2 - A C++ await/yield emulation library for stackless coroutine

A header-only C++ stackless coroutine emulation library, providing interface close to N4286. Many of the concepts are similar to N4286, if you're not familiar with the proposal, please read the paper first.

yamc - C++ mutex collections, platform-independent header-only C++11 library.

C++ mutex (mutual exclusion primitive for multi-threading) collections. This is header-only, cross-platform, no external dependency C++11 library. All mutex types in this library are compatible with corresponding mutex types in C++ Standard Library. The following toy example use spinlock mutex (yamc::spin_ttas::mutex) and scoped locking by std::lock_guard<>.