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swift-concurrency - Concurrency utilities for Swift

  •    Swift

A set of concurrency utility classes used by Uber. These are largely inspired by the equivalent java.util.concurrent package classes. Provides locking-free synchronization of a mutable Bool. It provides higher performance than using locks to ensure thread-safety and synchronization correctness.

gopool - Easy to use worker pool with dynamic pool sizing.

  •    Go

Go Pool makes it easy to set up and manage pools of background workers. Not only can they be started and stopped, but they can also be dynamically sized ensuring you have the optimal amount of workers running for your situation. To start a pool of long running workers who's size will be managed by gopool, you should use the Pool.Start func.

sockio - Concurrency agnostic socket with semantics

  •    Python

A python concurrency agnostic socket library. Helpful when handling with instrumentation which work over TCP and implement simple REQ-REP communication protocols (example: SCPI).

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