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minify - CSS & JavaScript minifier, in PHP

  •    PHP

And it comes with a huge test suite. The object constructor accepts 0, 1 or multiple paths of files, or even complete CSS/JS content, that should be minified. All CSS/JS passed along, will be combined into 1 minified file.

Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor for .Net

  •    Javascript

This is a .NET port of the Yahoo! UI Library's YUI Compressor Java project. The objective of this project is to compress any Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets to an efficient level that works exactly as the original source, before it was minified.

MbCompression - Complete compression library for ASP.NET

  •    ASPNET

MbCompression is a library of handlers and modules to compress Css files, JavaScript files, pages and compress WebResource.axd It is easy to implement and improve the overall performance of your web project.

CSS Mixer


CSS Mixer provide a GUI that allow you to combine many css files into one. And use the "Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor for .Net" to minify it. Use it to improve your asp.net themes when you deploy a web application. Choose a css folder and go !

css-condense - [unsupported] A CSS compressor that shows no mercy

  •    Javascript

Compresses CSS, and isn't conservative about it.Some identifiers, like pixel values or colors, can be trimmed to save on space.

csso-rails - CSS Optimizer(csso) ruby wrapper for Rails Asset pipeline

  •    Ruby

Ruby adapter for github.com/css/csso. CSSO does structure-optimization for CSS. CSS is usually reduced more than in half in uncompressed and around 15% in gzipped.

colormin - Turn a CSS color into its smallest representation.

  •    Javascript

Turn a CSS color into its smallest representation. colormin works for rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla, hex & css color keywords. See more example output in the tests. Note that colormin does not convert invalid CSS colors, as it is not a color validator.

postcss-clean - PostCss plugin to minify your CSS with clean-css

  •    Javascript

Compression will be handled by clean-css, which according to this benchmark is one of the top (probably the best) libraries for minifying CSS. Note this example assumes you combined postcss-clean with other plugins (e.g. postcss-nesting).

laravel-Packer - CSS, Javascript and Images packer/processors to Laravel

  •    Javascript

With this package you can pack and minify your existing css and javascript files. This process can be a little tough, this package simplies this process and automates it. Also, you can resize/crop images to adapt thumbnails into your layouts.