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lepton - Lepton is a tool and file format for losslessly compressing JPEGs by an average of 22%.

  •    C++

Lepton is a tool and file format for losslessly compressing JPEGs by an average of 22%.This can be used to archive large photo collections, or to serve images live and save 22% bandwidth.

Flyimg - Microservice to resize and crop images on the fly

  •    PHP

Image resizing, cropping and compression on the fly with the impressive MozJPEG compression algorithm. One Docker container to build your own Cloudinary-like service.You pass the image URL and a set of keys with options, like size or compression. Flyimg will fetch the image, convert it, store it, cache it and serve it. The next time the request comes, it will serve the cached version.

divans - Building better compression together

  •    Rust

The divANS crate is meant to be used for generic data compression. The algorithm has been tuned to significantly favor gains in compression ratio over performance, operating at line speeds of 150 Mbit/s. Divans should primarily be considered for cold storage and compression research. The compression algorithm is highly modular and new algorithms only need to be written a single time since generic trait specialization constructs optimized variants of the codec for both compression and decompression at compile time.

PyFastPFor - Python bindings for the fast integer compression library FastPFor.

  •    C++

Python bindings for the fast light-weight integer compression library FastPFor: A research library with integer compression schemes. FastPFor is broadly applicable to the compression of arrays of 32-bit integers where most integers are small. The library seeks to exploit SIMD instructions (SSE) whenever possible. This library can decode at least 4 billions of compressed integers per second on most desktop or laptop processors. That is, it can decompress data at a rate of 15 GB/s. This is significantly faster than generic codecs like gzip, LZO, Snappy or LZ4. Daniel Lemire, Leonid Boytsov, Owen Kaser, Maxime Caron, Louis Dionne, Michel Lemay, Erik Kruus, Andrea Bedini, Matthias Petri, Robson Braga Araujo, Patrick Damme. Bindings are created by Leonid Boytsov.

lzbase62 - LZ77(LZSS) based compression algorithm in base62 for JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

LZ77(LZSS) based compression algorithm in base62 for JavaScript. The compressed result will be a string in base 62 (0-9A-Za-z) characters. This is useful when storing the large data in a size limited storage (e.g., localStorage, cookie etc.).

weissman-score - Weissman score calculator

  •    Python

This repository contains a Python module to compute the Weissman Score of a compression algorithm. The Weissman Score is a fictional perfomance score for lossless data compression algorithms devised by Tsachy Weissman and Vinith Misra at Stanford University and used in the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley.

SquirelCrawl - This code compress a webpage into an html file

  •    Python

This code compress a webpage into an html file. Images are converted to base64 and integrated together with CSS files in the html. Useful for webpages on microcontrollers (or low memory devices), a complete offline copy of a webpage etc. A tutorial for installing pip on Windows can be found here. pip can be downloaded from get-pip.