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zarr-python - An implementation of chunked, compressed, N-dimensional arrays for Python.

  •    Python

Zarr is a Python package providing an implementation of compressed, chunked, N-dimensional arrays, designed for use in parallel computing. See the documentation for more information. For more details, including how to install from source, see the installation documentation.

FastDifferentialCoding - Fast differential coding functions (using SIMD instructions)

  •    C

These functions compute fast successive differences, and recover the original values from the fast successive differences (i.e., they compute a prefix sum) using fast SIMD instructions.They can be useful as part of compressed index.

parse-dds - parses the headers of a DDS texture file

  •    Javascript

Parses DDS texture headers in Node and the browser.This was adapted from @toji's wonderful webgl-texture-utils.

preview-dds - preview and save DDS textures from the command line

  •    Javascript

Preview and convert DDS files from the command line (compressed textures and HDR cubemaps).This only supports a limited range of DDS formats, see here.

decompress-response - Decompress a HTTP response if needed

  •    Javascript

Decompresses the response from http.request if it's gzipped or deflated, otherwise just passes it through.Used by got.

cacti - :cactus: Extremely simple MongoDB/Redis backups to Amazon S3 with encryption and compression

  •    Javascript

You must ensure that the user running the CLI or interacting with the API has permission to access your Redis database backup file path. Note that if you have changed the paths below from the defaults provided then you'll need to adjust them.

cellar - Append-only storage in Go designed for the analytical workloads

  •    Go

Cellar is the append-only storage backend in Go designed for the analytical workloads. It replaces geyser-net. Analytical pipeline on top of this library was deployed at HappyPancake to run real-time aggregation and long-term data analysis on the largest social website in Sweden. You can read more about it in Real-time Analytics with Go and LMDB.

csr-matrix - Compressed sparse row matrix for node.js

  •    Javascript

A very minimal incremental compressed sparse row matrix library for JavaScript. Turns an array of entries of the form [row, column, value] into a sparse matrix. Note that if there are some zero rows or columns at the end of the matrix, you need to specify the number of rows/columns in the optional nrows/ncols arguments.

sublime-compressor - Open gzip & bzip2 files with Sublime Text

  •    Python

Small plugin which transparently decompresses gzip (.gz) and bzip2 (.bz2) files when opened in Sublime Text. When opening a new file this plugin will check the filename for a known compression suffix (.gz,.bz2 currently). If this matches, the useless binary view of the file will be closed and a new temporary file will be opened, filled with the decompressed content.

xtensor-io - xtensor plugin to read and write images, audio files and numpy (compressed) npz

  •    C++

xtensor-io is an early developer preview, and is not suitable for general usage yet. Features and implementation are subject to change. xtensor-io wraps the OpenImageIO, libsndfile and zlib libraries.

0-stor - Single device object store

  •    Go

0-stor is client library to process and store data to 0-db server. Developed on Linux and MacOS, CI Tested on Linux. Ready for usage in production on both Linux and MacOS.

xtensor-io - xtensor plugin to read and write images, audio files, numpy (compressed) npz and HDF5

  •    C++

xtensor-io wraps the OpenImageIO, libsndfile, zlib, HighFive, and blosc libraries. xtensor-io is a header-only library. We provide a package for the mamba (or conda) package manager.

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