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design_patterns_in_typescript - :triangular_ruler: Design pattern implementations in TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

There is a tsconfig.json file in the root directory which is responsible for the compiler options. As it is set the default target is Ecmascript5 now.

Marionette.js - The Backbone Framework

  •    Javascript

Marionette simplifies your Backbone application code with robust views and architecture solutions. It organizes your app in terms of small views. It makes it easy to compose rich layouts out of small components. Behaviors are like mixins, without all of the pain associated with property collision. Decoupled communication between your application components with a powerful messaging system. It has support of world-class inspector for exploring your application's views, models, events and more. You won't know how you got by without it.

CompositeAndroid - Composition over inheritance for Android components like Activity or Fragment

  •    Java

Allows to add functionality into an Android Activity. Just because we all have a BaseActivity in our projects containing too much unused stuff. When it grows, it get unmaintainable. Given you have an Activity showing a list of tweets (TweetStreamActivity) and you want add view tracking.


  •    DotNet

MvvM guidance and framework built on top of the PRISM framework. Makes it easier for developers to properly utilize PRISM to achieve best practices in creating a Silverlight project with MVVM. Sponsored and written by: http://www.architectinginnovation.com



VisualStock is stock data visualization, analysis application build on the Micorsoft Composite Application Library.

WPF Password Generator with Prism and Moq

  •    CSharp

This is a WPF application that generates strong passwords. It is written using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern and incorporates Prism 4.

WPF Composites


WPF Composites offers a pure C# code-behind (no XAML, no datatemplates) approach to working with WPF controls via grid-based composites.

Composite Extensions / Test Suite reference implementation

  •    WPF

This project provides a new reference implementation for the Composite WPF libraries. During the development of this reference implementation I have extracted some useful classes into a new library called ‘Composite Extensions’.

Actipro WPF Controls Contrib

  •    WPF

Open source code developed in C# that can be used with Actipro's WPF controls. Current features include a number of enhancements for Microsoft's open source WPF DataGrid along with integration of Actipro's docking windows product with Prism.

Silverlight Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit

  •    Silverlight

The Silverlight Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit is created for those who are using Model-View-ViewModel design pattern for building Silverlight Business Application.

Composite Specification Pattern

  •    CSharp

I have implemented the Specification pattern using the Composite pattern in order to provide the ability to combine Specifications in various ways. I really needed this in a project, and I was surprised that I could not find any .NET implementations out in the blogoshpere, so...


  •    DotNet

Composer is an extensible Compositional Architecture framework, providing a set of functionality such as Inversion of Control container (IoC), Dependency Injection (DI), Plug-in framework, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Configurability and Composability for components.



MEFGeneric is a framework to support CLR Generic types in MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework).

NCop - Composite-aspect oriented framework for .NET

  •    CSharp

NCop is a framework that implements Composite/Aspect Oriented Programming that encapsulates the concepts of Mixins, Aspects and Dependency Injection, using the standard .NET. The main purpose of composites is separation of concerns. You achieve it by defining different roles within different entities and combine all of them using NCop (much like multiple inheritance). A mixin is an interface with implemented methods. Mixins exists in .NET in the form of object oriented interfaces implementation.

qunit-composite - A QUnit plugin for running multiple test files.

  •    Javascript

Composite is a QUnit plugin that, when handed an array of files, will open each of those files inside of an iframe, run the tests, and display the results as a single suite of QUnit tests. The "Rerun" link next to each suite allows you to quickly rerun that suite, outside the composite runner.

node-bing-api - Node.js module for the Bing Search API (Cognitive Services)

  •    Javascript

Thanks to the contribution of @franciscofsales, version 3 supports the new API (Cognitive Services). In order to follow JavaScript best practices and allow the library to be promisified, the callback function is now the last parameter.

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