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binaryen - Compiler infrastructure and toolchain library for WebAssembly, in C++

  •    WebAssembly

Consult the contributing instructions if you're interested in participating. As a result, you might notice that round-trip conversions (wasm => Binaryen IR => wasm) change code a little in some corner cases.

cpplinks - A categorized list of C++ resources.


A categorized list of C++ resources. Being a part of a few C++ communities, I happen to run across some interesting links -- this is an attempt to categorize them. Thanks to Saurabh Malpani from "C++ Enthusiasts" for the suggestion.

hpat - A compiler-based big data framework in Python

  •    Python

High Performance Analytics Toolkit (HPAT) scales analytics/ML codes in Python to bare-metal cluster/cloud performance automatically. It compiles a subset of Python (Pandas/Numpy) to efficient parallel binaries with MPI, requiring only minimal code changes. HPAT is orders of magnitude faster than alternatives like Apache Spark. HPAT's documentation can be found here.



CodeCommander is a code generator and makes it easier for developers to construct a source code. You'll no longer have to write your source code twice a week. It's developed in C# .NET V2.0

PHiLe - The Painless High-Level Persistence Engine

  •    Rust

PHiLe (pronounced fillet), the Painless High‑Level Persistence Engine, is a next‑generation database management tool and domain‑specific language. It allows application developers to write what is basically a textual form of a conceptual or entity relationship model, from which it automatically generates a Database Abstraction Layer. Unlike traditional ORMs, it has a strong, expressive type system. It allows programmers to work with many kinds of values, not only objects, therefore trivially eliminating many of the bottlenecks commonly associated with ORM solutions, such as having to retrieve the transitive closure of an object, only to discard all but a few of its scalar attributes.

cs-resources - Curated Computer Science and Programming Resource Guide


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. See also the general topics below: especially computer graphics, data structures, and algorithms.

build-essential - Development repository for build-essential Chef Cookbook

  •    Ruby

Installs packages required for compiling C software from source. Use this cookbook if you wish to compile C programs, or install RubyGems with native extensions. Contains a resource, 'build_essential', as as well as a default recipe that simply calls that same resource. Note for Debian platform family: On Debian platform-family systems, it is recommended that apt-get update be run, to ensure that the package cache is updated. It's not in the scope of this cookbook to do that, as it can create a duplicate resource. We recommend using the apt cookbook to do this.

meta-clang - Clang C/C++ cross compiler and runtime for OpenEmbedded

  •    BitBake

Edit conf/bblayers.conf to add meta-clang to layer mix e.g. Few components do not build with clang, if you have a component to add to that list simply add it to conf/nonclangable.inc e.g.

bebop - 🎷 Jazzy build tool for sophisticated front-end development.

  •    CoffeeScript

Bebop is a rapid web development tool with a built-in http server, preprocessing workflow support and intelligent browser reloading, freeing you to hit the keys like an undead techno-zombie Charlie Parker. If you use bebop's static file serving feature it will automatically inject the Javascript required. If you want to enable something similar for your own connec/express apps you can use bebop.middleware, or link directly to bebop-client/bebop.js.

compilers - A list of compilers with some metadata.

  •    CoffeeScript

This module contains a list of compilers along with some metadata. This list aims to be comprehensive while at the same time not populated with unused or defunct compilers. Similarly, the source or target language of any compiler should be either widely used or if it is an intermediate representation, must be accepted or targeted by other compilers. If a compiler is missing from the list that satisfies this criteria, feel free to create a pull request.

fuzzball - Scala fuzzer

  •    Python

Scala fuzzer. ~44 bugs found in Dotty so far and many more are still unreported. Powered by a two-layer LSTM (400 units) network trained only for a couple hours. High temperature (≫ 1.0) - lots of random noise, most samples will be syntactically incorrect. Low temperature (≈ 0.0) - little noise, most samples will be syntactically correct.

giri - Dynamic Program Slicing in LLVM Compiler

  •    C++

Dynamic program slicing is a technique that can precisely determine which instructions affected a particular value in a single execution of a program. Giri implements dynamic backwards slicing in LLVM compiler. Please see our wiki page for more information.

es6console - 🔮 Play with ECMAScript (6 to 5) compilers

  •    Javascript

This is the main repository of es6console.com. A tool for playing around with ECMAScript 6 to 5 transformers. Then install dependencies and check to see it works. It is recommended that you use Yarn for deterministic installs, but npm install will work just as well.

gllvm - Whole Program LLVM: wllvm ported to go

  •    Go

TL; DR: A drop-in replacement for wllvm, that builds the bitcode in parallel, and is faster. A comparison between the two tools can be gleaned from building the Linux kernel. This project, gllvm, provides tools for building whole-program (or whole-library) LLVM bitcode files from an unmodified C or C++ source package. It currently runs on *nix platforms such as Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X. It is a Go port of wllvm.

ck-dev-compilers - Collective Knowledge packages to build development versions of compilers (LLVM, GCC, etc) and use them in customizable and portable CK research workflows:

  •    Shell

This repository contains CK packages to build, test, benchmark and tune development versions of various compilers (LLVM, GCC, etc) across different platforms (Linux, MacOS, Windows). Note that you may need to increase swap size on RPi3 before building GCC. You can change "CONF_SWAPSIZE=100" in /etc/dphys-swapfile to "CONF_SWAPSIZE=1000". But don't forget to change it back after installation, otherwise your SD card may die sooner.

ck-env - Customizable cross-platform package and environment manager with automatic detection, installation and coexistence of multiple versions of software including libraries, compilers, tools, data sets across diverse Linux, Windows, MacOS and Android-based hardware to support collaborative and reproducible CK research workflows:

  •    Python

This is a Collective Knowledge repository providing functionality for portable, customizable, eproducible and automated experimental workflows. It lets users automatically detect multiple versions of different software (compilers, libraries, tools, models, data sets) using CK software detection plugins or install missing packages in a unified way across diverse hardware with Linux, Windows, MacOS and Android operating systems. It also allows users to collect information about a given platform in a unified way.

compilers-targeting-c - A list of compilers that can generate C code


The following is a list of open source compilers that can generate C (or in some cases, C++) code. Your contributions are welcome! Please submit a pull request or create an issue to add a new compiler to the list.

suicide - LLVM pass that detects one undefined behavior, and emits code to delete your hard drive

  •    C++

A common illustrative example of something undefined behavior in C can do is "delete your hard drive". Suicide CC is a LLVM pass which implements this. The scope of detected undefined behavior is simply local uses of uninitialized stack variables of primitive type. It should support most POSIX like operating systems.

mantle.js - 🌋 A modular programming language lexer and parser, written in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

🌋 A modular programming language lexer and parser, written in JavaScript