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wartremover - Flexible Scala code linting tool

  •    Scala

WartRemover is a flexible Scala code linting tool. Documentation for Wartremover is available here.

linter - Static Analysis Compiler Plugin for Scala

  •    Scala

Linter is a Scala static analysis compiler plugin which adds compile-time checks for various possible bugs, inefficiencies, and style problems. Please help support the development of Linter.

splain - better implicit errors for scala

  •    Scala

This plugin removes some of the redundancy of the compiler output and prints additional info for implicit resolution errors. value can either be true or false. If omitted, the default is true for both value and parameter.

Dsl.scala - A framework to create DSL in Scala

  •    Scala

Dsl.scala is a framework to create embedded Domain-Specific Languages in Scala. A DSL author is able to create language keywords by implementing the Dsl trait, which contains only one simple function. No knowledge about Scala compiler or AST macros is required.

TwoTails - A Scala compiler plugin for mutual tail recursion

  •    Scala

A compiler plugin to add a new phase to the compiler which supports mutual tail recursion. TwoTails adds in a code transforming phase to the compiler. As such, code using macros or code enhancing techniques (such as that in Spring) may fail to compile at best or work in an unexpected manner at worst. We want to specifically call out AoP libraries such as AspectJ where the intention of an author is to have each "loop" of the recursive call trigger some side-effect. In such cases, similar to code using @tailcall, only the first "loop" will induce the effect; all others will have been compiled away.

silencer - Scala compiler plugin for annotation-based warning suppression

  •    Scala

Scala has no local warning suppression (see e.g. scala/bug/issues/1781 for discussion). This plugin aims to change the situation. The direct motivation for this plugin is to be able to turn on -Xfatal-warnings option in Scala compiler and enforce zero-warning policy but still be able to consciously silent out warnings which would otherwise be a pointless noise. Silencer currently works with Scala 2.11.4+, 2.12.0+ and 2.13.0-M4+. Also note that since both silencer-plugin and silencer-lib are compile time only dependencies, Silencer can also be used in ScalaJS and Scala Native without having to be cross compiled for it.

scalaz-deriving - Principled, fast, typeclass derivation.

  •    Scala

General questions can be asked in https://gitter.im/scalaz/scalaz 💖 See the CODE_OF_CONDUCT for more. The annotation also supports type parameters, using implicit def rather than implicit val, and can be used on sealed classes, or object.

scala-sculpt - Dependency extraction for Scala codebases, to aid in modularizing

  •    Scala

Sculpt is a compiler plugin for analyzing the dependency structure of Scala source code. This is unfinished, unmaintained software. We are releasing it as open source as a public service with the hopes the code will be useful to someone.

redacted-compiler-plugin - A proof-of-concept Kotlin compiler plugin that generates redacted toString() implementations

  •    Kotlin

A proof-of-concept Kotlin compiler plugin that generates redacted toString() implementations. Run the Runner main method in the sample.

classpath-shrinker - Scalac plugin to detect classpath entries that aren't directly used

  •    Scala

Proof of concept plugin to scan the compiler's symbol table after a full clean build in order to find which JARs are on your classpath but are not referred to.

apply_attr - A syntax extension providing higher-order attributes to Rust.

  •    Rust

A syntax extension providing higher-order attributes to Rust. Sometimes it would be desirable to be able to apply certain attributes to all items in a scope (mod, trait or impl). The apply_attr crate aims to provide a versatile API for this.

smuggler - 🚣 Smuggle all imports

  •    Haskell

Haskell Source Plugin which removes unused imports automatically.

Conan - Lightweight fork of the

  •    CSharp

Conan is a lightweight fork of the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") by adding a compiler plugin infrastructure. These plugins can be deployed and installed as regular Diagnostic Analyzers. All the people involved behind the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn"). Conan is a very little addition to the huge work already done there.

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