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butternut - The fast, future-friendly minifier

  •    Javascript

Butternut is significantly faster than other JavaScript minifiers, and works with the latest version of JavaScript (ES2015, aka ES6, and beyond). It's typically around 3x faster than UglifyJS with default minify options, and 10-15x faster than Babili.The compression is better than Babili and closure-compiler-js (in standard compilation mode — you can get better results with Closure in advanced mode, but only by writing your code in a very particular way). It's almost as good as Uglify in its current version.

happypack - Happiness in the form of faster webpack build times.

  •    Javascript

HappyPack makes initial webpack builds faster by transforming files in parallel. HappyPack provides both a plugin and a loader in order to do its job so you must use both to enable it.


  •    Javascript

The blazing fast, batteries-included ES2015 compiler

assets-pack - Clever packing of .css, .less, .js files

  •    Javascript

The module is meant to be used in development mode. I.e. it is not a tool that you can add in production phase. It simply watches for changes in a specific directory and pack your assets. The module's configuration works with json configuration. When it is used via the command like you should place your settings in .json file.

JavaScript.js - Compiles JavaScript to JavaScript - and that's it™

  •    Javascript

The next big thing from the guys behind FunctinoScript, JSONPoo and halfSource. Logo by moritzjacobs. JavaScript.js is a lightweight (~250 bytes uncompressed) JavaScript library that compiles JavaScript to JavaScript - that's it! Just add the lib/index.js to your document and JavaScript.js will do its magic. It's so intuitive and blazing fast! And what's really cool: We've also added a fallback mode in case you forgot to add it to the document. It just works.

AugmentedCompileShader.js - Augmented WebGLRenderingContext.prototype.compileShader

  •    Javascript

Small library to augment compileShader and provide an output of the errors directly in the DOM, instead of dumping all data in the console.

aspax - The simple Node.js asset packager.

  •    CoffeeScript

That's it. No complicated .initConfig(), no redundant code to describe tasks in JavaScript or CoffeeScript, just a simple YML file in your assets folder. On May 23rd 2017 I've decided to stop maintaining ASPAX. See the note below for more info.

webpack-isomorphic-compiler - A compiler that makes your life easier if you are building isomorphic webpack powered apps, that is, single page applications with server-side rendering

  •    Javascript

A compiler that makes your life easier if you are building isomorphic webpack powered apps, that is, single page applications with server-side rendering. The current version works with webpack v2, v3 and v4.

fury - Fury


Fury is an experimental dependency manager and build tool for Scala. It is still under active development, and is in private beta. Full information about Fury is available on the Fury website.

jscc - Tiny and powerful preprocessor for conditional comments and replacement of compile-time variables in text files

  •    TypeScript

Featuring some of the C preprocessor characteristics through special, configurable comments, jscc can be used in any type of files to build multiple versions of your software from the same code base. * This feature allows you the conditional declaration of ES6 imports (See the example).

jspreproc - C-Style source file preprocessor and comments remover for JavaScript in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Me too. This is why jspreproc, a tiny, C-Style source file preprocessor in JavaScript for JavaScript, with duplicate empty lines and comments remover. Featuring many of the C preprocessor characteristics through JavaScript comments, jspreproc can be used in any source with a JavaScript-like syntax, even C# files with some limitations.

rollup-plugin-jscc - Conditional compilation and compile-time variable replacement for Rollup

  •    Javascript

Conditional compilation and compile-time variable replacement for Rollup. rollup-plugin-jscc is not a transpiler, it is a wrapper of jscc, a tiny and powerful, language agnostic file preprocessor that uses JavaScript to transform text based on expressions at compile time.

bacon - background rust code check

  •    Rust

bacon is a background rust code checker. It's designed for minimal interaction so that you can just let it running, side to your editor, and be notified of warnings and errors in your Rust code.

lazy-regex - lazy static regular expressions checked at compile time

  •    Rust

This macro returns references to normal instances of regex::Regex so all the usual features are available. Some structs of the regex crate are reexported to ease dependency managment.

haiku9 - Embeddable asset/article compilation

  •    CoffeeScript

H9 works by using Panda-9000 to define a series of asset pipelines. H9 provides a build command and simple Web server for development.

koika - A core language for rule-based hardware design 🦑

  •    Coq

This is the home of Kôika, an experimental hardware design language inspired by BlueSpec SystemVerilog. Kôika programs are built from rules, small bits of hardware that operate concurrently to compute state updates but provide the illusion of serializable (atomic) updates. Kôika has simple, precise semantics that give you strong guarantees about the behavior of your designs. Our distribution includes an executable reference implementation of the language written using the Coq proof assistant, machine-checked proofs ensuring that Kôika's semantics are compatible with one-rule-at-a-time execution, and a formally-verified compiler that generates circuits guaranteed to correctly implement your designs.