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interactive-coding-challenges - Interactive Python coding interview challenges (algorithms and data structures)

  •    Python

Overhauled to now include 120 challenges and solutions and added Anki flashcards.Also included are unit tested reference implementations of various data structures and algorithms.

judge0 - πŸ”₯ The most advanced open-source online code execution system in the world.

  •    HTML

πŸ”₯ The most advanced open-source online code execution system in the world. Judge0 is a robust, scalable, and open-source online code execution system. You can use it to build a wide range of applications that need online code execution features. Some examples include competitive programming platforms, e-learning platforms, candidate assessment and recruitment platforms, online code editors, online IDEs, and many more.

competitive-programming - My solutions for problems on several online judges, including UVa, TopCoder, ACM-ICPC, SPOJ, SPOJ Brasil, Timus, URI and even Project Euler

  •    C++

My solutions to many of the programming (Computer Science) problems on several online judges, including UVa, ACM/ICPC, TopCoder, Codeforces, URI, SPOJ and SPOJ Brasil. Preferably my solutions are written in C++. Whenever I find myself unable to solve some problem in plain C++, I switch to Java.

Alex - A CLI to compile python codes embedded with test cases. For lazy competitive progra....

  •    Python

The above 2 comments can be anywhere in the file. If you run only with inputs, you will just recieve the output. Also you can have multiple inputs/outputs but length of outputs(if any) should have the same length as inputs, input-output should have same order. The following is an example file for demonstration: The below file is test.py which is a python solution to this problem on Hackerrank.

T-414-AFLV - T-414-ÁFLV: A Competitive Programming Course

  •    TeX

This repository contains the course material from T-414-ÁFLV, a competitive programming course taught at Reykjavík University, Iceland. It is a three-week long course, with a fresh lecture and problem set each day. Lecture slides (including LaTeX sources), the problem sets, and other supporting material can be found in this repository, inside the respective directories. All problems are available on the Open Kattis online judge.

uHunt_for_Android - The most comprehensive android app for UVa Online Judge and Competitive Programming

  •    Java

If you're just looking to install uHunt for Android, you can find it on Google Play. If you're a developer wanting to contribute, read on. uHunt for Android is the most comprehensive Android app for uHunt and Competitive Programming. This is powered by uHunt API and has most of the features in the uHunt website and integrates the exercises in the Competitive Programming book so that the user can read the problem statements on the go.

cp - Solutions to competitive programming problems.

  •    C++

Repository to store my solutions to algorithmic and math problems on sites such as Codechef, SPOJ, codeforces, Project Euler etc. I mostly solve problems on CodeChef, SPOJ and Codeforces. I have accounts on other sites too, mostly by one of these names only.

poj - an online judge in python3 and django

  •    Python

POJ is an online judge. I couldn't think of a better name. It is written in Python3 and Django. It uses Docker and Celery for submission evaluation. Docker makes sure each submission is run in a seperate container, while Celery makes it all asynchronous. The message broker we're using for Celery here is redis.

Programming-contest - My solutions of some problems from different online judges

  •    C++

This is my personal repository of solutions that I wrote through the time. Recently I've been adding a little explanation of the solutions and useful links. I hope this can help you in some way. Mainly I wrote these codes as preparation for ACM-ICPC, and also for fun.

regrader - An ICPC-style programming contest system that works

  •    PHP

An ICPC-style programming contest system that works. What I loved about the system is its flexibility and user-friendliness. With just a few clicks you are able to make a fully custom design of your Regrader page, suiting your needs. Moreover the system itself is stable and reliable.

USACO - Please give me some feedback (and stars) :D

  •    C++

Comments or suggestions should go to bqi343@gmail.com. In competitive programming contests, one must solve well-defined problems by writing computer programs under specified limits or constraints. Typically, the most popular language is C++, followed by Java and Python.

competitive-programming - πŸ… This repository contains all the problems I solved while training myself for programming competitions

  •    C++

This repository contains all the solutions for problems I solved in programming competitions. The solutions are organized by the source of the problems in different folders.

ACedIt - A command line tool to run your code against sample test cases

  •    Python

During installation, the default site is set to codeforces. You can change it anytime using the above mentioned flags. Since your filename is same as problem code, there's no need for the -p flag.

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