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buffer - The buffer module from node.js, for the browser.

With browserify, simply require('buffer') or use the Buffer global and you will get this module.The goal is to provide an API that is 100% identical to node's Buffer API. Read the official docs for the full list of properties, instance methods, and class methods that are supported.

Academy Works

Academy Works offers new solutions for common programming issues like storing data in memory, generic type management or standardized arithmetic operations.

IL Merger Tool

IL Merger Tool is a GUI for the IL Merge. This tool allows you to merge different .net assemblies (dlls and exes) into one assembly with a wide range of options. This also enables you to save the settings and create post build actions for Visual Studio. Certified for Windows 7.

http-browserify - node's http module, but for the browser

The http module from node.js, but for browsers.When you require('http') in browserify, this module will be loaded.

chromify - Browserify plugin for Chrome Packaged Apps

Chromify is a plugin for browserify which augments Chrome Packaged Apps with additional NodeJS powers. Notably, it adds the 'net', and 'http' modules. Build servers in the browser. The http_parser.js component is built from the es-parser branch of joyent/http-parser which you can find from my fork at tilgovi/http-parser.

varify - browserify transform that converts all const assignments to var assignments.

browserify transform that converts all const assignments to var assignments. So you can get the benefits of immutable variables with help of lint tools while staying compatible with older browsers that have no const.