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grunt-contrib-compass - Compile Compass to CSS.

  •    Javascript

Run this task with the grunt compass command. Compass is an open-source authoring framework for the Sass css preprocessor. It helps you build stylesheets faster with a huge library of Sass mixins and functions, advanced tools for spriting, and workflow improvements including file based Sass configuration and a simple pattern for building and using Compass extensions.

Compass - :earth_africa: Compass helps you setup a central navigation system for your application

  •    Swift

Compass helps you setup a central navigation system for your application. This has many benefits, one of them being that controllers can now be decoupled, meaning that the list that presents the detail no longer knows about what its presenting. Controllers become agnostic and views stay stupid. The user experience stays the same but the logic and separation of concerns become clearer. The outcome is that your application will become more modular by default. Anything could potentially be presented from anywhere, but remember, with great power comes great responsibility. First you need to register a URL scheme for your application.

compass-mixins - A collection of compass' stylesheet for bower dependencies and libsass

  •    CSS

This is a repository to pull SASS style sheets on Bower, and enjoy the compass mixins by using libsass for faster compilation. This project makes minimal modifications to the original Compass 0.12.X stylesheets from the original repository, intented to improve libsass compatibility and not change output. This project includes reasonably similar implementations of some of the Ruby functions that Compass provides as Sass extensions. These are used in some Compass mixins, such as @include background().

generator-jekyllrb - Supercharge Jekyll development with Yeoman. Yo, Jekyllrb!

  •    Javascript

Generator-jekyllrb wraps the Jekyll static site generator in a Yeoman development workflow. Scaffold your site with Yo, manage front end packages with Bower, and automate development and build tasks with Grunt. Generator-jekyllrb is ideal for developing performant static sites and prototyping dynamic sites and apps (especially if the final version uses Yeoman too). It's also a great introduction to Yeoman if you're not familiar with JavaScript MV* frameworks.

cyclone - A cloud native CI/CD platform built for container workflow

  •    Go

Cyclone is a cloud native CI/CD platform built for container workflow. To set up a cyclone instance, check out the setup guide in the documentation.

mueller - MUELLER is a modular grid system for responsive/adaptive and non-responsive layouts, based on Compass

  •    CSS

Modular Grid System. MUELLER is a modular grid system for responsive/adaptive and non-responsive layouts, based on Compass. You have full control over column width, gutter width, baseline grid and media-queries.

gulp-tutorial - Code examples for my Gulp.js tutorial series

  •    Javascript

These are the files for my series Introduction to Gulp.js published on my website stefanimhoff.de. Open gulp/config.js and change settings if needed. Only the rsync settings need to be adjusted. Change the destination to a path on your webserver and change hostname and username.


  •    CSharp

This project is the formerly commercial "GPS.NET" component maintained by GeoFrameworks, LLC from 2004 to 2009. This component parses NMEA data from a Bluetooth or Serial device into an intuitive, object-oriented arhictecture.



A demo app, created by Nokia, for Spaceship 2013 developer event. This app combines HERE Maps, compass sensor and Twitter feed.

gulp-compass - Compass plugin for gulp

  •    Javascript

gulp-compass requires the compass ruby gem in order to compile compass. This can easily be installed via Terminal.Please make sure to add css and sass options with the same value in config.rb since compass can't output css result directly.

grunt-sass-directory-import - Include all the

  •    Javascript

Include all the _.scss files in a directory by including a dynamically maintained _*.scss file. In Sass, it's impossible to important a directory full of _*.scss files (partials) automatically, and this answer from Stack Overflow probably explains why.

open-source-for-fame-and-fortune - Open Source For Fame and Fortune Slide Deck

  •    Javascript

Tweendeck.js is a system for creating animated html presentations built on top of the Greensock Animation Platform.Copyright (c) 2013, GreenSock. All rights reserved. This work is subject to the terms in http://www.greensock.com/terms_of_use.html or for Club GreenSock members, the software agreement that was issued with the membership.

windrose - 🌷 Convert compass degrees into points of the compass and vice versa

  •    Javascript

Windrose is a javascript browser/node module that converts compass degrees into compass points and vice versa. The Windrose object will be available in your global scope.

compass-loader - A compass/scss/sass loader for webpack

  •    Javascript

####Warning This is all pretty beta stuff, I don't recommend using this in production just yet. Honestly you're better off using sass-loader and https://github.com/Igosuki/compass-mixins then add node_modules/compass-mixins/lib as an include path. If you utilize sprites or anything that utilizes your config.rb images path then you'll need to pass in both imagePath and spriteDist paths.

compass-importer - A node-sass compass importer

  •    Javascript

A node-sass importer for compass. This package will download an uptodate compass-mixin and link all declarations of @import 'compass' to the mixins. The Compass will also automagically update the compass-mixin from Github. The result is all the power of compass with the speed of libsass. You can use this importer in node-sass or any project that depends on node-sass. the only thing you need to do to make this work is add the importer to the options and include the '.compass' folder.

laravel-elixir-sass-compass - Laravel Elixir Compass Extension

  •    Javascript

Compass has been deprecated. This plugin will continue to work as long as I can keep it working, but you should consider migrating away from Compass in general. Finally, if you'd like to output to a different directory than the default public/css, then you can override this as well.

startproject - Starting point for creating websites with Django Fiber

  •    CSS

Startproject is a starting point for creating websites with Django Fiber.

compass-fontcustom - Font Custom integration with Compass

  •    Ruby

This is my attempt of integrating Font Custom with Compass. Tested on Ruby 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4. You'll need to have fontforge and the WOFF font toolset installed as outlined in the Font Custom installation instructions.

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