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js-priority-queue - Priority queues in JavaScript

  •    CoffeeScript

You cannot access the data in any other way: you must dequeue or peek. You can npm install js-priority-queue or bower install js-priority-queue. Alternatively, just download priority-queue.js from this directory.

js-sorted-set - Sorted set data structures in JavaScript

  •    CoffeeScript

... this works, but it's a bit cryptic and some operations--notably iterate-- will be very slow with large sets. You can npm install js-sorted-set or bower install js-sorted-set. Alternatively, just download sorted-set.js from this directory.

d3-comparator - Multi-dimensional comparator function generator for D3

  •    Javascript

A D3 generator for comparator functions. It can be used to easily sort arrays of objects by one or multiple dimensions. If you want to sort by a single dimension, you end up writing comparators like function cmp(a, b) { return a.value - b.value; } or function cmp(a, b) { return d3.ascending(a.value, b.value); }. For sorting by two or more dimensions it gets ugly pretty fast. d3.comparator provides a simple API for generating those comparators.

predicate - Adding clarity and conciseness to your JS through predicates

  •    Javascript

predicate.js is a predicate library for JavaScript. predicate doesn't have any dependencies which makes it easy to integrate into new and existing projects. npm run build.

Comparators.js - Java8-style chainable comparators for Javascript.

  •    Javascript

At work, I've run across situations where I need multi-key sorting in my Backbone collections -- which can sort themselves using the same type of comparator function as Array.prototype.sort expects. So the simplest solution for me was to bridge this need and this interest by writing a Javascript comparator-function generator with the same(ish) syntax as the upcoming Java8 Comparator interface.

filtrex - A library for performing and validating complex filters from a client (e.g. smart filters)

  •    Elixir

Filtrex aims to make filtering database results with Ecto a breeze. This library attempts to help you solve problems such as... Check out the docs or read on for a quick start on how to use.

Assert - A set of advanced assertions for Pester to simplify how you write tests.

  •    PowerShell

A set of advanced assertions for Pester to simplify how you write tests. Assertions use approved verb Assert and one function per assertion so you can leverage all your command discovery skills.

grules - A simple, but expandable, rules engine for Go

  •    Go

This package was created with inspiration from Thomas' go-ruler to run a simple set of rules against an entity. This version includes a couple more features including, AND and OR composites and the ability to add custom comparators.

gulp-sort - Sort files in stream by path or any custom sort comparator

  •    Javascript

Sort ascending. Defaults to true. Specify false to sort descending. Comparator function to use. comparator(file1, file2). Defaults to localeCompare of file paths.

tiny-version-compare - Compare two software versions, with any number of points (<1KB)

  •    Javascript

Also used by Refined GitHub. Returns -1 if versionA is greater, 1 if versionB is greater, 0 if the versions are equivalent.

tree-changes - Get changes between two versions of the same object

  •    TypeScript

Get changes between two versions of data with similar shape. It uses deep-diff to compare plain objects/arrays and nested-property to get the nested key.