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flat-file-db - Fast in-process flat file database that caches all data in memory

  •    Javascript

Fast in-process flat file database for Node.js that supports JSON and caches all data in memory. All data is persisted to an open file using a append-only algorithm ensuring compact file sizes and strong consistency.Pass a database file to use to the flat-file-db constructor and wait for the database to open. When it is open all data has been loaded into memory.

firefox-compact-theme - A simple Firefox compact theme

  •    CSS

For now, only tested on OS X. Improvements are welcome. Then I gave up since it's not my priority.

node-optimize - Optimize a node project to a single JS file for distribution release.

  •    Javascript

We all need a tool to optimize a node.js project and create a single js file from it, Taking care of requires and leaving out node_modules. Note: Support for require of module folders (with parsing of package.json etc.) will be added in the future.

jsonfiddle - JSON Fiddling

  •    Go

The jsonfiddle makes it easy to look at the JSON data from different aspects. This is why jsonfiddle esc is a command on its own, instead of being part of functionalities of jsonfiddle fmt or jsonfiddle sort.

json-stringify-pretty-compact - The best of both `JSON

  •    Javascript

The output of JSON.stringify comes in two flavors: compact and pretty. The former is usually too compact to be read by humans, while the latter sometimes is too spacious. This module trades performance (and the “replacer” argument) for a compromise between the two. The result is a pretty compact string, where “pretty” means both “kind of” and “nice”. While the “pretty” mode of JSON.stringify puts every item of arrays and objects on its own line, this module puts the whole array or object on a single line, unless the line becomes too long (the default maximum is 80 characters). Making arrays and objects multi-line is the only attempt made to enforce the maximum line length; if that doesn’t help then so be it.

jspreproc - C-Style source file preprocessor and comments remover for JavaScript in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Me too. This is why jspreproc, a tiny, C-Style source file preprocessor in JavaScript for JavaScript, with duplicate empty lines and comments remover. Featuring many of the C preprocessor characteristics through JavaScript comments, jspreproc can be used in any source with a JavaScript-like syntax, even C# files with some limitations.

jsdon - A DOM serializer based on LinkeDOM idea

  •    HTML

A DOM de/serializer based on LinkeDOM idea and the JSDON specification (which is something I've just made up). I like the idea we can represent the DOM linearly, and we can travel via postMessage or any other capable JSON PL anything we like, simplifying diffing, when needed, updates, changes, and so on.

wolfBoot - wolfBoot is a portable, OS-agnostic, secure bootloader for microcontrollers, supporting firmware authentication and firmware update mechanisms

  •    C

wolfBoot is a portable, OS-agnostic, secure bootloader solution for 32-bit microcontrollers, relying on wolfCrypt for firmware authentication, providing firmware update mechanisms. Due to the minimalist design of the bootloader and the tiny HAL API, wolfBoot is completely independent from any OS or bare-metal application, and can be easily ported and integrated in existing embedded software projects to provide a secure firmware update mechanism.

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