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system-bus-radio - Transmits AM radio on computers without radio transmitting hardware.

  •    C

This program transmits radio on computers / phones without radio transmitting hardware. Some computers are intentionally disconnected from the rest of the world. This includes having their internet, wireless, bluetooth, USB, external file storage and audio capabilities removed. This is called "air gapping". Even in such a situation, this program can transmit radio.

PJON - PJON® is an open-source network protocol compatible with Arduino, ESP8266, STM32, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, Linux and Windows

  •    C++

PJON® (Padded Jittering Operative Network) is an Arduino compatible, multi-master, multi-media network protocol. It proposes a Standard, it is designed as a framework and implements a totally software emulated network protocol stack that can be easily cross-compiled on many architectures like ATtiny, ATmega, ESP8266, ESP32, STM32, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows x86 and Apple machines. It is a valid tool to quickly and comprehensibly build a network of devices. Visit wiki and documentation to know more about the PJON Standard. Feel free to send a pull request sharing something you have made that could help. If you want to support us you can also try to solve an issue. Thank you for your support.

node-ethernet-ip - A Lightweight Ethernet/IP API written to interface with Rockwell ControlLogix/CompactLogix Controllers

  •    Javascript

A simple and lightweight node based API for interfacing with Rockwell Control/CompactLogix PLCs. NOTE Controller.prototype.readWallClock and Controller.prototype.writeWallClock are experimental features and may not be available on all controllers. 1756-L8 ControlLogix Controllers are currently the only PLCs supporting these features.

LCMCore.jl - Low-level Julia bindings for the LCM communications library

  •    Julia

LCMCore.jl provides a low-level Julia interface to the Lightweight Communications and Marshalling (LCM) library. It uses LCM by calling directly into the C library, so it should have very low overhead. Note: This is not a full-fledged LCM implementation. Most notably, there is no lcm-gen tool to automatically generate Julia encoder/decoder functions for LCM message types. Fortunately, we provide a helpful Julia macro to automate most of the process.